How To Improve Business By Engaging Your Customers

How To Improve Business By Engaging Your Customers

Social media has given a new twist to customer engagement. Now people can comment, like, or ‘unfollow’ a brand online. By asking questions and expressing curiosity online about your customers’ needs, you can attract more customers, get referrals, and boost your business. However, face-to-face conversation and other traditional methods are still successful in engaging with your customers. These never go out of style. Here is a combination of traditional and innovative ways to engage with your customers and get them to commit as customers. If you need help with improving your bottom line by engaging your customers, you may need to solicit help from an Intelligent Office Virtual Office company.

Know Your Customers and Let Them Know You

The golden rule for getting involved with anyone, not just clients, is to get to know them. It is as simple as that. Show your interest in knowing what they like, what their interests or hobbies are, and what motivates and excites them. To get to know your ideal client better, the first thing you can do is create an ideal client profile such as a basic but, detailed description of them.

Introduce Giveaways

It would be great to organize a giveaway! This is a really creative and interactive way to engage with your customers and get them excited about doing business with you or interacting with you on social media. Whether you sell products or offer services, there is always something you can give away, like a 20-minute consultation, a small gift bag, a bottle of wine, or a dinner outing. Be creative! Encourage your customers to “like” or re-tweet, which will make your social media accounts more visible. Before organizing a promotion on Instagram, it is important to make it clear that the promotion is not sponsored, endorsed, or managed by Instagram. Here are two examples of simple ideas to do giveaways on social media:

Photo Contest – This is especially suitable for businesses that sell products. Organize a photo contest in which users post a photo of themselves using your product, or the product itself, and ask them to tag your brand for a chance to win a product or set of your products.

Tags: Have your followers tag a friend on your social posts and repost the image, for a chance to win. This will make your social media account to attract new followers and make your brand image known.

Share Exclusive Offers

Offer coupons to those who subscribe to your newsletter. Advertise exclusive content and offers on your blog, and remind your customers in an email when the offer will go live. Send emails to your subscribers informing them first-hand of the day that there will be sales in your store. The type of business you run will determine the promotions and exclusive content that you can share. Be creative!

Organize an Event

If you are celebrating the anniversary of your company or if you would like to show a new product, events are a great way to do it, to connect with your customers, and to attract a lot of people at the same time. If you have an innovative product that you are going to launch, you should demonstrate it to your customers, offer advice on its use, and above all, explain how it can benefit them. If you’re celebrating a milestone, host a meeting so your clients know that you appreciate their loyalty over the months and years. Make sure to include music, cocktails, and snacks. Once everything is ready, the rest will work out on its own. At the event, take a few minutes to post photos and live videos of the event on your business website.

Invite Your Customers To Spend A Day In Your Business

Customer engagement takes many forms. Let’s say you are a photographer who specializes in taking photos of animals. Invite your clients to a small petting zoo. Before the scheduled event, take photos of each animal and provide a brochure describing the preferences of each pet, as well as any other relevant information. You can do this for any type of business. If, for example, you sell farm equipment, customers can visit the fields to see the flowers, strawberries, or corn that are ready to be harvested. Your goal is not to sell, but to enjoy a day with your clients. They will remember your generosity and how much fun they had, which could be a new way to create a sales funnel. Virtual office support companies can help to guide you through the process of customer engagement.