Why People Will Consider A 9mm Firearm For Self-Defense

There are over 1.4 million firearms with the 9mm caliber sold in the United States each year, according to Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives(ATF). For ownership of a firearm, it will require a background check and other state requirements. Since 2015, the number of background checks for firearms have increased to nearly 23 million. People who live in rural areas tend normally has a higher percentage of people who are gun owners than people living in other areas. Many people will purchase a 9mm firearm for self-defense. The more popular firearms are lightweight and utilize a magazine. There are a few benefits to owning a gun with a 9mm caliber.

Benefits of Owning 9mm Caliber Firearm

Many 9mm Handguns are popular because the firearm is easy to conceal. It has a compact build to help a person carry and conceal the pistol with ease. The concealment of a firearm is important when the firearm will be used for self-defense. There some states have rules regarding having a concealed weapon; therefore, a person should be aware of the requirements before electing to carry a firearm. The other benefits offered by a 9mm firearm are:

• Large capacity magazine
• Easy to reload
• Ammunition is cheaper than other pistols

The lightweight pistol will have a magazine that can contain 10 to 20 bullets. When it is time to use the pistol, it will provide plenty of shots to hit a target. With the use of a magazine, the 9mm pistol will be easy to reload. A quick reload time for the pistol is one less thing a person has to stress over when the firearm needs to be used. In comparison to other small firearms, 9mm caliber firearm ammunition is normally less than other pistols. There is a large variety of ammunition that can be used. It allows the gun owner to save money and have plenty of ammunition when needed.

Things To Know About A Pistol With A 9mm Caliber

The 9mm pistol has light recoil which makes the gun easier to handle than some other firearms. The firearm is good for beginners. It makes the firearm easy to use when follow up shots must be fired, and the follow shots would be done faster by having a light recoil. The 9mm pistol is utilized by over 60 percent of police forces. The use of the weapon became popular in the 1980s. The 9mm pistol can be fired faster than few guns and in a possible real-life attack, this could translate to living to tell the story than having a more horrible outcome. The 9mm pistol withstands a lot of wear and tear to last a long time. The gun has shown to reach 100,000 rounds being fired in the life o the firearm. The gun is reliable and has various ammunition choices available. Advanced technology found in ammunitions helps the 9mm pistol obtain great stopping power that can rival other larger caliber firearms. The popularity of the 9mm caliber firearm will continue to make it a choice for households who desire a firearm for protection.

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