VIZIO HDTV Internet Apps – High Definition Television Plus Internet Content

VIZIO HDTV Internet Apps – High Definition Television Plus Internet Content

The brand new VIZIO Internet App HDTV has arrived. It combines high definition, state-of-the-art flat screen television — with a wide choice of Internet content. Watch programs on your television from your regular TV service provider, and connect with a growing number of interactive Internet content providers.

The new VIZIO XVT series comes in 42-inch, 47-inch and 55-inch models

VIZIO’s entry into Internet television includes VIZIO’s new Class XVT Internet App. Each model has built-in Internet functionality. No set-top box is required.

These HDTVs have blazing speed refresh rate (240 Hz) with 1080p razor sharp High Definition, two built-in 15-watt speakers, multiple HDMI ports and advanced sound and lighting technology.

All models are eco-friendly – they use 50 percent less energy than Energy Star 3.0 and LED backlights that use no mercury.

HDTV connects to the Internet through via a cable or wireless port

Connect to your broadband high speed internet service either through a Ethernet connection or through 802.11n dual band wireless. vizio remote app If your wireless router is not far from your television, use the Ethernet cable connection. If your TV is one or more rooms removed from your router, use the wireless connection.

VIZIO’s Internet App HDTVs come with an innovative remote control.

The new QWERTY Bluetooth/IR combo remote control has a easy-to-find VIZIO Internet Apps (VIA) button to activate the app dock along the bottom of the screen. There you can choose the app you wish to atch. There is a sliding keyboard hidden in the remote when not in use. Use your keyboard to interact with the content you are viewing.  You don’t have to point this remote directly at your television. That’s because it uses a Bluetooth connecion allowing you to interact with your TV from anywhere in the room.

VIZIO is working with a growing number of content partners

Yahoo pioneered the development of small software applications called television widgets. They allow Internet ntent over television. Yahoo’s widgets are included in VIZIO’s lineup.

Watch streaming movies on demand. Choose from Amazon On Demand, Netflix, Cinema Now. Blockbuster On Demand. Watch a high definition movie from VUDU. Listen to radio from Pandora and Radiotime. Play games over Accedo Broadband. Listen to music from Rhapsody. Watch sports at Rallypoint Sports. Watch stock quotes from CNBC.

VIZIO is working to add more apps and content providers. Two dozen or more providers have already been signed, As new service and content providers are added, VIZIO Internet Apps will be dynamically updated.