How to do a Dinosaur Themed Nursery

With your little bundle of joy on the way it can be hard to plan for the little things, you’re so focused on the bigger ones and that’s a good thing. But when all of that’s sorted out you can finally plan the little things, like the bottle colors or what to theme your nursery as. Well maybe I can help with one of those.

Have you ever looked at the full species list of dinosaurs there were back in the day? There are thousands of different shapes, sizes, and types of dinosaurs that your little one would love to see every day, and they would never be bored. Here is a list of things you can do to make any dinosaur nursery for your baby.

First things first, do you have a wallpaper or paint already picked for the room? If not, consider some dinosaur themed wallpaper or paint some dynos onto your walls. If you have already picked out a paint, then you can find some posters and hang them on the walls so there’s no hassle and you still get to keep your color.

Second would be to buy some dinosaur books, sheets, blankets. The books are not only educational but most of them are really truly interesting and your little one will absolutely love to read them when they get older but also love to hear you read even when they’re still small. The sheets will match the blankets and the blankets will finish off the main look of the nursery so aside from toys and furniture you would want to add, you’re all done.

Next you will want to buy some dinosaur toys and stuffed animals. The baby will love to play with them as they get older and it also doubles as a great learning experience when they’re 2 and up. Try puppets too, most kids love puppets. You can talk to them through the puppet and feed their imagination and as they get older, they can use them to learn the noises that the dinosaur makes and have even more fun. Maybe even try to find a rocking horse that’s themed like a Triceratops or a large stuffed T-Rex, your little one will absolutely love having a big dyno friend.

Those are just the basics but as you can see, putting together a nursery with the theme of dinosaurs really isn’t that hard, all you have to do is find anything and everything that is dinosaur themed and put it in the nursery. As long as it’s safe for the baby or out of reach until they are big enough, it can help your theme.

Try going out and looking at your local baby store, grocery store, the mall, or even a thrift store. Dinosaurs are extremely popular so finding things related to that topic should not be too hard to find and before you know it you will be all done with a great themed nursery ready for your little one.

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