Avoiding Regret During Divorce

Many people grow up fantasizing about their future, from the perfect engagement, to the most amazing wedding, to the 2.5 kids and happily-ever-after. When it comes down to it, however, life is messy. Money and relationship problems cause havoc on physical and emotional health, and not every marriage makes it. If you’ve gotten to the point where you realize it’s time to cut your losses on a toxic relationship, you may need some advice on how to proceed. Here are some tips to follow to avoid regrets when it comes to your impending divorce.

Make a List

While fighting exists in nearly every marital relationship, there are probably good reasons why you were together with your spouse in the first place. Making a list of all of the good and bad aspects of your relationship and determining how those things weigh against each other can help you take confident steps forward. Instances of abuse or infidelity should carry a heavier weight than disagreements about the color of your powder room. Remember, records of truly abusive behavior should be safely kept in case a protective order is needed in the future.

Enlist Professional Help

Even amicable divorces can be emotionally and financially draining. Professional help from a divorce lawyer in Lake Bluff, IL can help with the legal aspect of the actual separation and divorce, but make sure you are also taking steps to protect your emotional health with therapy. Hiring a financial advisor can also help you plan for post-marital adjustments.

Seek Peace

Before, during, and after a divorce, it’s important to seek peace. Refraining from airing your dirty laundry on social media and setting clear boundaries can help you to transition gracefully. Take some time to get to know yourself again, and do your best not to dwell on the toxicity during and after the proceedings. When it comes to the life-changing transition from unhappy marriage to divorced status, you want to make sure you do all in your power to avoid regret. Walking the high road now will yield a happier, healthier adjustment to your new normal.