3 Reasons to Start the New Year with a New Mattress

New Year, New Bed, New YOU!

Lazy Sundays of being surrounded by blankets and pillows filled with feathers and covered in the fuzziest and softest material imaginable sounds enticing. Then you remember your mattress leaves you walking around like The Hunchback of Notre Dom each morning.

It’s a necessary evil of adulthood to research, buy and replace your mattress. Hopefully with this article, we can make this process a little easier for you. We’ll start by discussing how often your mattress should be replaced.

According to ABC News ,the average mattress will last you about seven years. Of course, there are a few additional factors which will either shorten or lengthen the longevity of your bed; however, this is the general age. One of the exceptions to the “seven-year itch” rule is older age. Consumers over 40 should consider changing their mattress more frequently based on the quality of sleep and any pain or discomfort they may be experiencing. If this is you, consider a new bed every five to seven years.

The additional key components to deciding if it’s time for a new mattress are listed as follows:

  • Amount of support and firmness- Does your morning wake up require aspirin for the back aches?
  • Sweat, stains and allergens, Oh My!- sweat, coffee and children can create stains like you wouldn’t believe! Have they gotten to your mattress?
  • Age of Mattress- as discussed above, seven to 10 years is the average age for your mattress. If over 40 years old, consider replacement every five to seven years.

Recently in my local mattress store, Bed’R Mattress, I was reminded of a how seamless the purchasing experience can be if you work with people who genuinely care about your sleep health. Shopping local can yield more personable results. Consultants are more inclined to dedicate the proper time and attention to ensuring you go home without a regretful purchase. They understand the need for quality sleep and how it affects your mental and physical health.

While the thought of delving into this may feel overwhelming, I strongly suggest taking a visit to your local mattress store. See what is out there. Check for financing options if necessary. Ask all of the questions you have, test out the mattresses you think you’ll love and be open to the wisdom the consultants will shower you with. The hardest part of the adventure will be the initial determining if it’s time to be out with the old and in with the new. everything else is a matter of delivery dates and sweet dreams. Happy sleeping to you in 2019.