What You Must Know When Aiming For Aircraft Mechanic Maintenance Jobs

What You Must Know When Aiming For Aircraft Mechanic Maintenance Jobs

If you are living in any part of the US, then you’ll surely find here all kinds of jobs that’s why this is also a place full of professionals from different nationalities. They said that there are a lot of opportunities here so they migrate and settle while practicing their profession in various industries, enjoying their chosen career. It would have been great if migrating is easy but without sufficient funds, then you’ll have no choice but to work in other countries that need your expertise.

That would be fine, too, because you can use such career opportunities to move from one country to another as if you are traveling for leisure but the reality is, you are working for particular companies that send you to different places. Those chances are rare anyway, that’s why we can’t let them pass by and we are professionals so we greatly consider things that can boost our careers. Anyway, when your family migrated to the United States and you were born here, establishing a career would be easier because you will surely study and then get your diploma as well. 

With this document, you can now have a chance to build a career in the aviation industry so you could be a pilot or an aircraft mechanic maintenance officer since these professions are in demand. To achieve this, you’ll have to walk through a rough patch because you need to study, earn experience, and acquire a license which is quite tough so we can’t blame aspiring candidates for failing. However, this is not the end because there are institutions that offer courses to help you with passing the exam so attend this class to guide you in getting that license.

Aircraft Maintenance Technician

An AMT which is also called A&P or Airframe and Powerplant plays a very important role in the aviation industry because it needs to maintain the overall function or system of the aircraft. Before and after using an aircraft, this mechanic must inspect the units and repair or alter the systems to prevent any form of malfunction. These are all crucial tasks and as a member of this technical team, you need to ensure the safety of the pilot and the passengers who will be using this jetplane, helicopter, or airplane.

If you are working in the US, you will be called an Aviation Mechanic Technician while they will call you an AME or Aircraft Mechanic Engineer in other countries. After passing the exams, the FAA or Federal Aviation Administration will issue your license so you’ll be a certified AMT. This is under the rules regulated by the FARs or Federal Aviation Regulations and you can learn more about this in the Code of Federal Regulations – go to https://www.ecfr.gov/current/title-14 for your reference.

What You Must Know When Aiming For Aircraft Mechanic Maintenance Jobs


Candidates for this certificate must be at least 18 years of age, fluent in English communication,  have a diploma, with experience, and must pass the exams to be eligible. The set of tests includes written and practical with an oral examination and administered or supervised by a qualified DME or designated mechanic examiner. After fulfilling those requirements, they will issue your certificate.

But the tests are difficult so the result will depend on the applicant’s knowledge and skills to do maintenance tasks. Therefore, aspiring candidates for this career must earn experience and complete the on-the-job training program from accredited institutions.

By the way, you have to complete a total of 18 months for your practical experience when aiming for a single certificate so it could be in airframes or powerplants. But if you would like both, then you need 30 months of experience.


Some of you would surely take programs or courses that will last for 18 to 24 months, so make sure that the school is FAA-certified. You will be studying different areas, such as general, airframes, and powerplants.

General subjects include physics, maths, technical drawings, aircraft ground operation, electricity, and hydraulics to name a few. For airframes, you’ll study inspections, structures, welding, navigations, warnings, and fire protection for example. In powerplants, you’ll have propellers, induction, fuel, cooling, lubrication, airflow, electrical, fire protection systems, and many more.

Anyway, if you can also study IA or inspection authorization, then you’ll need another 3 years of knowledge and experience – read this for more details. With this course, you can be in charge of annual inspections of the aircraft.

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