Time to Invest in Gold Coins

Time to Invest in Gold Coins

Gold demand has continuously been rising globally. From 2000 to 2019, the precious metal cost globally upsurged from USD 274.5 to USD 1514.75 a troy ounce of gold. Gold’s constant demand shows how respected the commodity is worldwide because of its rich history and value.

Gold coins have been in the trading market dating back thousands of years. Throughout time, many people have continued to use the commodity. People invest in gold for different reasons. Economies and societies have placed more value on gold coins, therefore, increasing their worth.

Gold is the fallback plan for many economies when other forms of currency fail to work. No doubt, this shows how worthy gold is, and it holds some great value, unlike the standard forms of currencies. Read on and find out why you should invest in Gold today.

  1. Gold coins are physical

In today’s economy, where most of our transactions are online, where checkbook ledgers are regarded passe’, you will not be wrong to have a thought about how money has converted to make-believe. In addition to mutual funds, stocks, and other similar investments, we are certain to ask ourselves where the real money is.

In these times, a tangible form of currency like gold coins is reassuring. Visiting a jeweler and walking away with a bag full of weight is excellent. No matter, everybody wants to have their currency in a physical state, and that is having gold bars.

  1. Gold price rises when the market falls

The ravaging pandemic caused a stock market crisis which led to a fall in commodity prices, in contrast, the gold price surged. In 2020, gold prices in January were at $1,550 per ounce, then came the Corona virus pandemic. By October, the price was at $1,900 for the same amount of gold on the onset of the deadly virus.

  1. Inflation rates increase the Gold price

For many years, gold always matches the inflation rates and retains its value. This means that a troy ounce of gold is equal to the cost of the same amount of things over time.

No other currency has been able to withstand.

Gold coins are cost-effective than jewelry

The cost of jewelry is determined by the current price of gold, hallmarking modifications, jewelry making fees, and GST. From here, you get the final cost of jewelry.

Gold coins do not have many modifications. It only has minor changes that are about 4 percent of the jewelry making changes.

Since you now have the key reasons you should invest in Gold, we are presenting you with an opportunity to let us trade your gold with us at a fair rate. At US Precious Metals, we specialize in gold bars, gold coins, silver coins, platinum coins, silver coins, and palladium coins.