How To Choose a Crane for Your Construction Project

How To Choose a Crane for Your Construction Project

Almost every construction site needs a crane to do heavy lifting and transport. With so many cranes available to choose from, it can be challenging to determine which one is the most cost-effective and useful. Here are some guidelines to help you figure out the type of crane that will work best for your next construction project.

Duration of the Job

Some cranes are more difficult to transport and setup than others, so you need to know if the length of the job is worth the hassle. If it’s a long-term project and larger cranes are necessary, be prepared to budget for crane repairs Chattanooga. Equipment can fail, which can lead to dangerous working conditions. Keep your crew safe when you have your crane properly taken care of.

Weight of Materials

Knowing the range of weights that the equipment will need to lift or transport can help you decide which crane to choose. Avoid paying extra for a crane that can lift weights far exceeding what you’ll have on the job site. Prevent injuries by making sure your crane has the capacity to lift the heaviest loads on site.

Construction Site Conditions

If the site is going to be dirt and mud, the best choice may be a crawler crane that has rubber tracks instead of tires. A small crane mounted to a truck may work well in a small construction site. Keep track of the weather conditions in the area so you are equipped to deal with any heavy rains or wind.

Access to the Site

Some construction sites are in tight places, which means you need a crane small enough to work at the site. Truck-mounted cranes can be the perfect tool for the job in this type of situation. They often come with telescoping arms that can reach all around the site.

With these things in mind, choosing a crane for your next project can be less stressful.