Take Care Of Yourself In The Lockdown

Take Care Of Yourself In The Lockdown

The corona crisis is still gripping us all after almost a year. Reinforced measures, the introduction of curfews that sparked riots across the country: everyone is tired, it feels like life will never return to normal, and this hopelessness is amplified by the current riots, making the atmosphere ever grimmer. Everything eventually feels so great when you are in the middle of it for too long – that’s why it’s important to realize that we lived a lifetime before this happened, and that life will move on after that. Focus on what is now possible, what the benefits are, but also how you can always choose your own happiness despite the dire circumstances. And you do that by taking good care of yourself.

Physical health

The beginning lies with your physical health. Taking care of your body now that it is in a completely different state than usual. It might not feel like a huge difference if you didn’t do things outside too often before. But the switch from an office where you occasionally walk to the canteen or the toilet, stand with a colleague to have a chat, cycle to the office or even walk a few meters from the bus stop – to all day at the same desk sitting with your own bed, sofa, kitchen and toilet 2 meters away, that is quite a shock to your body. So make sure you go outside more often now: walk for 15 minutes during your break or sit still after a long working day, a short yoga or stretch session for your back that has a hard time on your dining room chair.

In addition, your nutrition is of course also important. Of course, in a pandemic, you want to have to go to the supermarket or other stores less often for your desired groceries. Maybe this means you order more food now, because you miss eating out, have less time and energy to cook and collect ingredients. Of course there is nothing wrong with that! But try to do everything right in measure. Don’t drink too much, don’t eat too much unhealthy food, and your body will thank you while you can still pamper yourself in this difficult time.

Mental health

But beyond the physical differences, this period is of course also a huge blow to our mental health. No more social contacts, perhaps the loss of a job or a loved one. The smallest things can help you feel ‘normal’ or functional again in this weird time, so try to make the most of it. Order a nice cushion for the sofa online, beautiful candles for atmospheric light, apothecary jars where you can immediately store herbs or plants such as lavender that help you relax. Take enough time for yourself, but also do your best not to dwell in this for too long, and make use of possibilities such as video calling with your family and friends. Then you will feel better soon!