How Americans Have Fun During Weekends In the UK?

How Americans Have Fun During Weekends In the UK?

To countries outside the UK, we brits barely have fun. Some go further by saying the only fun times brits get are during the holidays. Little do they know that even when it may seem like we work every day of the week, we have great times during the weekends. Most times, I’ve had to start a new week wishing the fantastic moments I had during those weekends could spill over. So yes, we have fun times.

One primary criterion of how exciting and fun the weekends get in the UK are the spots, places and views everyone talks about. Non-brits probably wouldn’t have an idea of what we speak of, but you can get a glimpse of the conversation from TicketLite. We’ll briefly look at a few of them, and share what makes these places memorable and the talk of the town.

The View from The Shard

Firstly, let’s start by talking about the warm view of the shard. The shard is a distinct building as high as 309.6m with a captivating view over the city. Yeah, it’s that high right? Well, it is one of the tallest structures in the whole of Europe, and also one of the tops visited spots during the weekends.

The first time I visited the shard was on a weekend meeting with a prospective client. If I recall so well, I almost tripped over from my fear of heights. However, the soothing feeling I got from the view across the city relieved me from having a panic attack. The view from the shard is definitely a great place to leave all the stress from the long week behind, as you enjoy the movements in and out of the city.

Getting thrilled from a Football match at Wembley Stadium

Football in the UK is one of the union’s pride, and we do not take it with levity. During the weekends, the stadiums get filled to the brim with the excitement of devoted football fans cheering their teams to victory. Football lovers and their families get to spend weekends together in the Wembley Stadium most times of the year.

The Wembley Stadium is the largest in the United Kingdom can hold more people, hence making football more than a sport. The cheering and excitement level passed unto everyone from the first minute to the last is what I find most intriguing in the Wembley Stadium.

Visit the Eighteen Sky Bar

Getting drinks is one of the most popular weekend cultures in the UK. People invite friends from different cities and distant areas to enjoy a few drinks together and talk about the week or life topics generally. This tradition amongst the brits makes weekends planning start from the first day of the next week. Because everyone begins to look for what comes next.

However, the eighteen sky bar serves one of the best cocktail drink in the UK. The bar is located in the intercontinental London, the O2 ; where excitement just never stops; week-in and week-out! They also have a couple of lounge for group hangouts with the best customer service in town. On weekends well I feel like hanging out with my guys, we always end up at eighteen sky bar. Every time!