Turn Your Home and Business Greener

Turn Your Home and Business Greener

We only have one Earth to live on and preserving it should be a major part of each person’s life. There are simple changes that we can all make that will greatly impact our carbon footprint on the planet. If we are fortunate enough to own a business then the responsibility is greater and we should pass on these eco-friendly methods to our employees in hopes of making lasting positive changes.

Use Eco-Friendly Businesses for Your Business

If you own a restaurant you know first-hand that there are a lot of ways you can go green and make changes in your business that will pass on to your staff and customers. One of the first positive changes you can make is having your building brought up to eco-friendly standards. You can use solar lighting and energy efficient light bulbs as well as smart technology for running heating and air conditioning. You can also use energy smart appliances in your commercial kitchen. Beyond that you can extend your earth preserving practices to utilizing grease removal services. You can find some type of grease collection service va from coast to coast. These companies will come out and environmentally consciously remove grease from your kitchen grease traps and then dispose of it properly. Grease should never be just thrown away because it can be harmful to wildlife and the environment. Your business can also go eco-friendly by utilizing paper straws rather than plastic and by eliminating all plastic waste and using reusable service ware and recycled products.

Make Changes in Your Home

You do not need to own a business to make eco-friendly choices in your life. You should take a stroll around your kitchen and carefully look within all of your pantries. Simple changes can make a lasting impact and reducing the amount of plastic waste you utilize will make a big impact. Think of those lunches you pack for yourself or your children. How many plastic sandwich bags are you using? If you find yourself buying a box of 50 or more weekly, then you are using too much plastic. You can use washable and reusable containers to hold sandwiches, chips and treats rather than all of those plastic bags.

Look under your sink. How many plastic bottles do you have? Did you know that you can buy glass cleaning bottles that can be easily cleaned? You have options when it comes to these reusable cleaning bottles. You can purchase highly concentrated cleaners that need to be diluted with purified water. This means that one bottle of waste is equivalent to about 12 bottles of products over the course of a year or two. That would drastically cut back on the amount of plastic cleaning bottles you purchase. You can also make your own all-natural cleaners in those reusable glass bottles. The changes we make today in our homes and businesses will create lasting results for future generations. We only have one Earth to live on and it is imperative that we utilize eco-friendly businesses and tactics to help keep it clean.