How Women can Conceal Their Weapons

How Women can Conceal Their Weapons

More and more women are pursuing concealed carry permits and carrying firearms every day. Therefore, companies have begun to produce new concealed carry options for women. Although tactical clothing helps, women still need to wear clothing that conceals their weapons completely.

Choose Patterns

Whether it is summer or winter, women’s fashion tends to make it difficult to conceal firearms. Busy patterns hide your weapon because they distract and trick the eye away from any weapon outlines. Patterns are especially important when the shirt or pants are fitted and may reveal more of the weapon.

Loose Clothing

If you wear your weapon at the waist or in the abdomen area, you may choose shirts that are loose fitting so they t don’t outline your firearm or drape over your weapon, revealing its position. Flowy fabrics move and disguise protrusions.

You may also have to adjust your pants size and fit if you wear your weapon at your waist or ankle. For example, in the waist holsters require 1-2 inches of extra room inside your waistline. In addition, your pants should be loose enough in the waist and hip areas that you cannot see the outline of your holster or firearm.


If fashion and the weather permit, consider layering your clothing with a shawl-type shirt, open sweater, loose jacket, vest or other garments. Not only can you wear most types of shirts under these garments, but you can wear tactical garments that you could not otherwise wear without revealing your weapon.


As the seasons get cooler, you may need to add heavier layers to your clothing. Consider purchasing a tactical or concealed carry jacket or coat. These outerwear items have pockets and zippers in common carry locations. Some even have holsters built into easily accessed pockets.

Although carrying a weapon can be uncomfortable at first, choosing the right clothing will improve both your comfort and ability to conceal your firearm. Your comfort will encourage you to carry consistently.