How to Increase Work Productivity

How to Increase Work Productivity

Procrastinating or allowing work to approach the deadline is not a good thing for one’s productivity, but many people often do it. According to research by psychology professor Joseph Ferrari, as many as 20 percent of people are chronic procrastinators, procrastinating because they don’t want to do it.

But in general, a person wants to stop procrastinating from the daily routine, no matter how severe. It is undeniable that procrastination is a habit that many people do. The reason is, delaying work can give you a comforting effect on yourself. Denial of something you don’t want or can’t do.

Work productivity is a measure of the comparison of the quality and quantity of a workforce in a unit of time to achieve results or work performance effectively and efficiently with the resources used.

Reporting from Chron, productivity is basically the relationship between input and output. This is illustrated by how much material and time it takes in the work process to achieve the quantity and quality of the work (output).

Work productivity has two dimensions, where the first is effectiveness, referring to the achievement of maximum performance (related to quality, quantity, and time). The second is effectiveness, relating to efforts to compare inputs with their actual use.

Factors Affecting Work Productivity

1. Knowledge

Knowledge is the accumulation of the results of the educational process both formally and informally. Skills contribute to someone in problem solving, creativity, including doing or completing work. With broad knowledge and high education, an employee is expected to be able to do a good and productive job.

2. Skills

Skills are operational technical abilities and mastery of certain fields of work. Skills are acquired through the process of learning and practicing and are related to a person’s ability to perform or complete technical tasks. With the skills possessed by an employee, it’s expected to be able to complete work productively.

3. Ability

One of the factors that affect work productivity is ability. Abilities or abilities are formed from a number of competencies possessed by an employee. This concept is much broader, as it can cover a number of competencies. Knowledge and skills are included in ability-forming factors.

4. Attitude

Attitude is a habit that has a pattern. If employees have good habits, this can guarantee good work behavior as well. For example, an employee who has a habit of being punctual, disciplined, will be directly proportional to his behavior.

5. Behavior

As previously explained, the behavior comes from a person’s attitude or attitude. A good attitude will produce good behavior too. With good behavior, work productivity will be created efficiently.

Productivity can actually be increased in a number of simple ways that we are not aware of. Reporting from the New York Times, there are several ways you can try to feel more productive.

How to Increase Work Productivity

1. Multitasking reduces work productivity

Do you still often multitask? You may feel like you were very productive that day, but in reality, you weren’t at all. Doing things at the same time doesn’t solve anything and actually makes you tired. You are not focused on the work you are doing and instead, make productivity decrease.

Earl K. Miller, a professor of neuroscience at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology stated that multitasking is impossible for humans to do. Therefore, focus on one thing, finish it, and then move on to another job. In addition, multitasking can also make you make a lot of mistakes and ultimately decrease creativity.

2. Create a to-do-list

Improving work productivity can be done by creating or recording to-do lists. Try to complete them one by one so you can focus on working on them. Write in order of priority which must be done on that day. Remember, in writing a to-do list you must remain rational in determining the goals and tasks to be completed. A to-do list will help you stay on track with the things you are working on. Avoid being too pushy to complete work on the same day, this will make your work beyond your capabilities. Break tasks down into small, specific, simple bullet points to help you gauge where you’re at.

3. Clean the Workbench

To stay comfortable and not distracted while working, tidy and clean your desk. Papers or documents that have accumulated for so long will make you uncomfortable at work. Place the document on your desk according to the project you are working on at that time. To keep your desk clean and tidy, take at least 15 minutes before work to sort out what you need that day.

The development of business, information, and communication technology (ICT), and dynamic globalization are factors that encourage increasingly fierce competition between companies. This condition requires every company to improve its capabilities, quality and continue to innovate to be able to compete in the global market. Employees as one of the important components in a company are required to be able to think creatively (think out of the box) by utilizing all the resources owned by the company so as to create work that has a high selling value.

Positive perceptions, creative thinking, and a strong intrapreneurship spirit are important assets that employees must have in dealing with threats to become promising opportunities.

Intrapreneurship is important

Basically, every employee is able to position himself as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is not always synonymous with entrepreneurship, young entrepreneurs, money, business, and so on. Entrepreneurship is an art that must be grown in employees in the form of a positive mindset and spirit to produce creative and innovative work.

An entrepreneur will see threats into opportunities, change the word “can’t” into “can”, turn the impossible into reality. By looking at everything from a positive angle, always motivating yourself, expanding friendships, being sensitive to opportunities, always enriching knowledge, and thinking comprehensively about the welfare of many people, these are the assets that must be owned by employees to become an intrapreneur.

An intrapreneur is an employee who already has entrepreneurial capital in him, by utilizing all company resources and full support from company management to produce new products that have high selling power to compete in the market. Intrapreneurship is a company that affects growth (company growth). Environment and organizational characteristics are two dimensions that influence intrapreneurship in a company. Intrapreneurship training program is designed to improve employees’ understanding, skills, and abilities regarding intrapreneurship, sharpen thinking sharpness in analyzing problems thoroughly and train employees to think comprehensively so that company growth is expected to move in a positive direction.

How To Become A great  Intrapreneurship

There are at least five characters that determine the quality of an employee to become a great intrapreneur, among others:

  1. Purposeful is an employee character with a clear goal-oriented and serious intention to achieve it, not just sticking to the company’s vision and mission as accessories in the company. office wall.
  2. Persuasion is the character of employees with the full awareness that success cannot be achieved alone, the market does not want to buy the product offered if it is not attractive or is treated inappropriately. To get the help of others, an employee must guard the feelings of others by taking persuasive, nurturing actions, so that he has a strong attraction and influence.
  3. Persistence can be interpreted continuously accompanied by persistence in working, the character does not give up easily, even in his brain there is no word “No/impossible” but not by justifying all means, but using the power of mind and reason to penetrate every difficulty. Failure is important in testing the extent to which the enthusiasm of employees, because a noble goal can only be achieved through a series of obstacles that must be interpreted properly.
  4. Perspicacious. Business for an intrapreneur is dream and action, meaning that dreaming is not enough, real action is needed to make it happen. On a practical level, a good strategy and product are also not enough, it must be a strategy that can be executed with courage and speed of action. If necessary, do it alone without asking for directions. An intrapreneur makes decisions quickly, and dares to act when others are still in doubt.
  5. Perceptive. With his intuition, an intrapreneur has the expertise to see a series of activities and related parties to realize his ideas. They keenly see opportunities to be developed before others see them. Intrapreneurs are able to see things that ordinary employees don’t and they have a strong drive to penetrate them.

intrapreneurship is the strategic management of entrepreneurship. The intrapreneurship function must be managed with the best governance to drive the company’s growth from within. Companies with an intrapreneurial concept must create an environment and corporate culture that allows the growth of the intrapreneur spirit within the company.

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