Guide To Shapewear And Helping You Decide Which Item To Choose

Guide To Shapewear And Helping You Decide Which Item To Choose

Shapewear are no longer something that only your grandmother has. Lately, a lot of celebrities have been seen wearing them – and clothes in a structured 40s style are the pinnacle of fashion, so you can easily match fashion with practicality when buying yours. We’ve decided to take a closer look at the best shapewear shorts and to help you decide which items your new best friend might be.

Which kind?

Today, clothing in body shapes varies widely for most parts of the body and with varying degrees of support. If you want your shape to stay smooth, there are many types of injectable lycra socks with invisible support around the belly, buttocks, and thighs. If you feel you want something with tighter support then you may want to choose some of the shaping garments currently available in spandex and latex blend varieties.

Body shaper

The ‘body’ form (which looks similar to a basic swimsuit but with buttons on the gusset for added comfort) is perfect for under a dress or suit. You can find varieties that are especially pretty these days, or you can opt for a corset variety with a ribbon tie for a 1940’s look.

Waist Trainer

Waist Trainers are available in two main varieties. One of them is a plus size waist trainer that extends from the hips to the bottom of the breast, the other looks like a pair of shorts at the legs but continues up to the body below the bust area. With both, you can wear your bra. They shape the abs and pull you in the waist to give you a more hourglass silhouette. Good under the dress.

Thigh slimming

Thigh slimming looks similar to cycling shorts and includes control over the stomach and thigh area. They are often designed in a way that helps lift the bottom and flatter your shape. You can also buy high waisted thigh slimming which offers waist narrowing in addition to other benefits. Perfect under tights.


The shape of the garment slip helps make ‘body-con’ clothes look fantastic. They come in a variety of sizes and are tight on the body, offering control of the stomach, thighs, and lower.

More tips

Don’t be tempted to buy a size smaller than your actual frame as this will deform the object and will make you feel uncomfortable. If you are buying an item marketed as shapeshifting you can buy the best waist trainers at Shapellx, then the manufacturer has taken the actual size into account and you should find that it sheds a few inches and smooths out your silhouette, no matter what size you are!