Common Damage From Falling Trees

Tree damage is common in many areas across the country. In a storm or high wind area, trees can fall over into houses damaging windows, walls and even the roof. Tree branches can fall off and damage cars or fences. Whatever damage is incurred, you might want to consider contacting your insurance company. Here are the most common types of damage and how you can fix them.

Window Damage

Trees are generally very large. Trees also have lots of limbs and branches. When a tree near your house falls over, those branches have to go somewhere. Unfortunately, sometimes where they go is through your windows. Once the tree is removed, you’re going to want to repair or replace the window as soon as possible. Reach out to a local company that does window repair Dallas TX.

Roof Damage

When very tall trees fall over, roof damage is a real possibility. Individual tiles can be broken or torn off completely. Your eaves can be damaged. Worse case, a limb can go right through your roof and into your attic. When roof damage occurs, you’ll either need to call a general contractor or a roofing contractor (depending on the extent of the damage).

Wall and Fence Damage

Another common area of damage is to your walls and fences. When a tree falls into your house, siding can be damaged and paint can be destroyed. If a tree falls on your fence, you’ll likely need to replace at least one section of that fence. For wall damage, a contractor can get your repair taken care of. For fence damage, reach out to a local handyman.

Vehicle Damage

If you park your car outside, a tree falling over can be disastrous. Even a branch falling on top of your car can mean serious damage to your vehicle. Ideally, reach out to your insurance company to get the repair taken care of. Otherwise, have a body shop give you an estimate.

Tree damage is no fun. Use this guide to find the right service to get your property repaired.