Using Wall Décor to Personalise Your Wall

I have always admired some beautiful butterflies I once saw somewhere and kept on wondering what they really were. My research led me to wulffwinding where I found out that I can actually make my walls look much better just by incorporating wall décor.

Wall décor comes in different varieties ranging from wall art, wall accents or even wall mirrors. What differentiates how your house looks from mine, might be something as small as how I express myself through my walls.

Though walls might look plain and simple, accessorising your walls can make you feel good about your home.  Here is a guideline on how you can use different types of wall décor to personalize your walls.

1.     Using wall accents

Wall accents come in all different designs. They not only look good on your walls but show lots of passion for your walls. For instance, modern metal wall décor is commonly used by many. It looks very appealing on people’s walls. You can also use decorative floral plates on your walls.

Stunning wall stickers for the bedroom would improve its original plain look. This could bring a sense of passion in your bedroom. Your bed room needs to feel really cosy as it is your personal area which you wake up to every morning.

There are different wall sticker designs for different rooms that make the home appear glamorous. Choosing wall accents that suit better for different areas would be a good idea. Thanks to the creativity of designers, we now have some very interesting wall accents that come not only in flowers but also in writing.

 Such wall accents bring out simplicity in our living rooms. They also help us express different things through the writings therefore leaving different effects on people. For instance, some wall writings that are now in the market include writings quoting bible verses or inspirational words from famous speakers

Wall accents not only beautify our walls but they also inspire us. For instance, some wall accents are constant reminders of what we believe in. Therefore, if you are looking for a way of telling the world what you really feel, consider using wall accents for your wall.

2.     Using Wall art

Different kinds of art are used on our walls to signify different meanings. For instance, use of photographs and paintings on our walls tell people different things. Some people like identifying with nature.

They therefore use paintings of nature on their walls to bring out this effect. For instance, paintings of the sunset clearly show the beauty of nature.  Wall art is also used to bring sentimental feeling to the audience. You can use a drawing or a painting on your wall that reminds you of something great or event that you hold on to. Our walls surely define us.

3.     Using Wall mirrors

Wall mirrors are also incorporated as part of wall décor to add more aesthetic value. Other than the plain mirror that has existed in the past, designers have come up with ways of making wall mirrors look flashier to add a sense of class to our homes.

 Shaped in all kinds of designs and styles, wall mirrors make our rooms look quite flashy. Using materials like fine or coloured wood on our wall mirrors brings out the uniqueness in them.

They also come in different sizes like modern full length mirrors placed in closets or concave mirrors that curve inward. Mounted mirrors illuminate artificial light and are specifically placed at the corner of rooms.

With all kinds of wall decor, it is easy to achieve elegance through your wall. Wulffwinding offers so much to choose from. There is therefore no explanation as to why you should leave your walls dull and plain when you can do so much to it.

This open space on your wall can help you express your sense of being while at the same time making your home more welcoming. Therefore, as you purchase couches and all kinds of furniture for your home, do not forget that your walls too needs some gratification.