The top e-commerce shipping errors to avoid this Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s peak time for people to shop online. If you’re an e-commerce company, it’s a great time to make sales and increase revenues, if you get it right. Here we look at what could go wrong, and what to avoid when it comes to e-commerce shipping.

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1. Packages arrive late

There’s a good chance that items ordered in the coming weeks will be Christmas presents, items which people will expect to put under the tree on 24th December. They won’t be happy if they arrive late. Make sure you have clear cut-off dates for orders and don’t promise a delivery date you can’t meet.

2. You’re under-staffed

Once you’ve received an order, you need to fill it quickly. You can only do this if you’ve enough staff. If you don’t, you’re at risk of not being able to fulfil your orders on time, meaning unhappy customers who might not order from you again. Make sure you have enough staff in place and that these staff are trained to reduce potential errors.

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3. Your warehouse is inefficient

You will be better placed to get orders out on time if your warehouse is organised and items are easy to find. Look at how your warehouse is laid out and make changes if you need to. A packaging station and pallet racking will make goods easier to store and despatch. For pallet racking Ireland based company, Rackzone (, is a great choice.

4. Get your packaging right

When people order gifts online, it’s often for someone else in their household. Don’t make the mistake that Amazon did recently by not correctly packaging your items up and avoid labels that give away what is inside.

5. Don’t under – or over – estimate shipping costs

Delivering packages costs money, which has to be covered by the customer or by your company if you offer free shipping. If you get your costs wrong, it could be an expensive mistake. For example, if you charge too low a price for regular shipping, customers might not upgrade. If you charge too much, they may decide not to buy from you. It’s a delicate balance, but one you need to get right, or you could find the Christmas shopping period isn’t as lucrative as you’d hoped.