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The enigma of Noddy

As a kid growing up in the seventies I was bombarded with several cool characters. Bagpuss for example always collecting and directing the repair of things with the aid of Mice, a bookend and two puppets. Then there was Trumpton, Camberwick Green and Chigley, places where very little happened but you were nevertheless entertained by the goings on. All seemed to offer a microcosm of UK life in the seventies that any one under 5 could start to develop an idea of what life was going to be like when we grew up. However, there was one that I failed to identify with and this was the creation of that middle to upper class doyen of the children’s literature world Enid Blyton. It was Noddy. Looking back on it now the more “innocent” time of the seventies would suggest that Noddy would be difficult to get past the tv executives. Having said that as he lives in Toyland he could be and still is a marketers dream, you might be able to get his car on a Car lap tray from this company at for example you never know.

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Noddy is a wooden toy that decides to escape from his maker after the man decides to make a wooden lion. This highlights Noddy’s paranoid delusion and he goes out into the world and wanders naked and alone in some kind of biblical wilderness reference when he his discovered by Big Ears. Luckily Big Ears is not the usual type of 70’s television character that we’ve come to learn about and he takes Noddy to Toyland declaring him to be a toy. The only problem is that the other toys don’t go along with this despite that Big Ears has something of reputation as a hard man amongst the other toys and what he says goes. The other toys get all serious and want to have a trail to determine that Noddy is indeed a toy. The verdict is swung his way when a little girl claims that Noddy saved her from a lion, though this is never covered, and Noddy is declared a good toy and can stay.

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This ends the first book and the second kicks off with him being given a car. He gets it for helping out with mystery and this seems like the most logical reward. He immediately does what any car owner might decide to do when he’s the only one with a vehicle; he sets up a taxi service. This is very lucrative, and he only has to worry about the local Goblins making off with it and trashing Big Ear’s washing or he gets some unwanted attention from PC Plod. The police force most be very happy that Mrs Blyton was able to conceive of another disrespectful nick name for them.

Noddy is still going strong some fifty five years after his creation.