The Best Home Studio Amps

If you spend most of your time hanging out in your home studio making beats, or you are looking into starting a home studio – then you are going to need to right equipment. Something that always seems to get overshadowed by all the other crazy technology in the audio world is amps, specifically, headphone amps. They are an amazing innovation in the audio world that drastically enhances the quality of sound coming through your ear pads. Here are the best amps for your home studio.

1. Questyle Audio CMA800R Headphone Amplifier

This table top headphone amplifier by Questyle Audio is everything you need in to create perfect sound in your  home studio. This headphone amp is strong, detailed and will bring out even the most subtle instruments on the track. The unique thing about the Questyle CMA800R amp is that it can be ran in two different ways. It can either be ran individually like a stereo amp, or you can pair the CMA 800R with a second amp in mono-full balance mode. Questyle prided themselves on the fact that this is the world’s first headphone amp of its kind. The Questyle CMA800R was specifically designed to control mechanical vibrations, stabilize heat within the device and shield itself from RFI/EMI radiations. Pretty amazing engineering,  if you ask me. The CMA800R is a great choice for a headphone amplifier if you want to take your music to the next level by listening to world-class high-resolution audio.

2. Woo Audio WA7

The Woo Audio WA7 is perhaps the most incredible looking headphone amp on the market. It has a glass housing so you can see the glowing tubes light up while music plays. This feature gave the WA 7 the nickname, “Fireflies”, which is extremely fitting. This model is Woo Audio’s first actual attempt to create an all-in-one machine, and they did a great job. This headphone amp is also a full on DAC and has a USB input that will surely come in handy at your home studio. The sound this WA7 carries is deep and powerful. It’s affordable and super simple. If you are looking for a table top headphone/DAC with breathtaking tube sounds, then this is your go to.

3. Feliks Elise MkII

This headphone amp is definitely a clear favorite in the audio world, especially for those who like to play around with changing out their tunes from time to time. This amplifier is not so much for beginners because of the weight and awkward exterior. But if you are willing to mess around with tubes, then you will appreciate the heck out of the sound this amp can produce. With a super powerful bass, crispy high notes and pure, smooth mids – it really doesn’t get much better than this. Feliks is known for making very powerful amps, and most all of their products are world-class. The Elise MKII undoubtedly gives you the best value for you money and will not disappoint you in the slightest when it comes to performance and sound.

4. Audioengine N22

Easily one of the best and most affordable desktop headphone amplifiers on the market, Audioengine’s N22 is truly an amazing device. It’s compact size and minimalist design is great if you hate having so much clutter on your desk. It conveniently stands up vertically, so it takes up barely any room in your home studio. You can connect just about anything to this headphone amp. Anything from iPods to speakers to headphones to televisions. The unique thing about this particular headphone amp is that it has a power-saving idle mode, so if you are the type of person who always forget to turn your equipment off, this is perfect for you. And, of course, it sound of this headphone amp will leave you thoroughly pleased.

5. Audeze Deckard

The Audeze Deckard is the more affordable option when it comes to Audeze headphone amps. But just because it is the more affordable option, does not mean it’s quality is lacking whatsoever. In fact, most audiophiles will tell you that they are surprised this headphone amp doesn’t cost more. The Audeze Deckard is a home/desktop headphone amp and DAC that is compatible with a wide variety of headphones. Not only is the Audeze Deckard a regular amp, but with one flick of a switch, it can also be used as a preamp. All together, the Audeze Deckard is a super smart buy. It has a solid, pure sound that the built- in DAC helps generate. This headphone amp is definitely appreciated and cherished amongst the audio world for it’s sound and unbeatable price. It’s reliable, versatile and will fulfill all of your needs in your home studio. You simply can’t go wrong with this groundbreaking  innovation.


When it comes to picking out the right headphone amp for your home studio, you want to be picky. All headphone amps are designed and created so differently, and all of them have their own forms of sound and versatility. There are also many portable headphone amps on the market these days, so if you are always on the go – that may be the best option for you. But, if you are building your home studio setup, then you won’t have to look much further than the headphone amps listed above. You will certainly not be dissapointed.

What is your favorite line of home studio amps and equipment? Leave us a comment with your thoughts in the section below.