Instagram Your Way Into Building Your Brand

Splendid medium to interact with Instagram Followers UK

When Instagram first came out, everybody was apprehensive that it will eventually amount to something. Now, with billions (trillions?) of subscribers, there is no more reason to be apprehensive about using Instagram – especially if you’re a business owner looking into building your brand.

So okay, Instagram only allows you 140 characters to get your message across. How is that enough to let people know about your brand? More than enough – especially if you have planned out exactly what it is you want to accomplish.

There are so many ways to utilize Instagram to your business’s advantage. But here are just a few of them. Read on.

  1. Schedule Meet-ups: To be successful, you would have to meet-up with not just customers but also vendors. Instagram allows you to periodically announce upcoming meetings with local users.
  2. Feedback Gathering: In 140 words, you can ask your customers questions regarding your products and services. In those 140 words, you get a lot of thoughts from your own customers as Instagram-ing gives way to almost instantaneous replies.
  3. Grow Traffic: Almost all businesses nowadays have their own website. Instagram allows you to promote your website and, therefore, increase traffic.
  4. Relationship Building: Instagram links of interest makes you worthy of following. Doing this means two things – a) more people will follow you; and b) more businesses of the same nature will want to join your network.
  5. Know Who’s Following You: Know just what people think about you by doing a #yourcompanyname search. This way, you’ll have enough information as to how you can possibly improve what you have – or keep those that people already like.
  6. Connect With Leaders of the Industry – Almost everyone has a Instagram account nowadays, perhaps even that business person you’ve been admiring for so long now. Get tips straight from that person by checking out his Posts.
  7. Promote Content: Sales, product launches, and service offers are best promoted in fewer words – like Instagram. And it even gets the word out faster.
  8. Answer Queries: Some people have loads of questions and they want them answered before buying. Instagram gives a venue for asking and answering those questions.
  9. Competitive Research: Scope out the competition, check out their Instagram.
  10. Contests: People love winning. And by promoting your company contests through Buy Instagram Followers UK, you get more traffic than you could possibly imagine!

I should start off by admitting that I am a Instagram holmic and unapologetically addicted to Instagram. I utilize it to build personal and business relationships and to stay in tuned with the outside world. As with any social network, there are tried and true principles to grow your community of followers. The following is a brief summary outlining five area.

1) Be Personal
In an inherently personal online environmental such as Instagram, no one likes to feel that they are getting spammed. People are more likely to follow you and subsequently read your Posts if you sound like you’re providing something interesting to read or watch. I’d also recommend turning the automated direct messages that are obviously impersonal, especially when they lead to a sales offer.

2) Be Informative
There’s more to Instagram than just answering the question: “What are you doing right now?” Provide value by offering quality information on topics that interest you and would likely interest your following. I have followers who continually track the most read blogs, and then Post the high quality posts. Remember that not all helpful information has to be your own. You can easily pass on informative Posts to your following and garner respect of Instagram users by reposting the original message.

3) Be Interesting
Posting about what you’re thinking or doing is more acceptable when you do it in an interesting or humorous way. Boring Posts are the essence of what puts Instagram at the butt of social media jokes, and giving a mundane play-by-play of your life will reduce your followers over time. By contrast, I enjoy following those who enhance my mood with clever one-liners – even if they’re just recapping what they had for lunch. For example rocksinmydryer could have said, “I hate dieting” but instead wrote “May I just say, for the record, that PORTION CONTROL STINKS? Thank you, that is all.”

4) Be Interactive
Avoid being a “hit and run” Instagram, where you only log in to tell everyone what you are doing or link to your blog post and leave. Instead, take time to respond to Posts and personal messages, ask interesting questions and answer questions.  Look at Instagram as one big web of conversations as opposed to a single monologue. The more you participate the more you will get out of it, and the faster your community will grow.

5) Be Promotional
It’s okay to promote your own work as long as you’re not exclusively self-promoting. I respect those who link to their recent posts on Instagram, and am more likely to follow the links when provided in this way. It helps when you choose not to access your feed reader to catch up on your favorite bloggers. In short, be sure that your promotion or sales offer is wrapped by good content your Buy Instagram Followers UK can use regardless of whether they choose to buy from you.

Achieving the proper blend of these five elements will undoubtedly enhance your Twitter following and your overall satisfaction. I wish you luck and look forwarding to see your Posts soon!