Info on Breastfeeding and Its Tools

Breastfeeding is a very contentious issue. Babies need their nutrition, though social norms dictate that it is disgusting and inappropriate to just whip out a boob, all of a sudden, and start breastfeeding. People who are against breastfeeding argue that more seemingly appropriate alternatives to breast feeding can be pursued, such as bottle feeding. However, people who are pro-breastfeeding argue that it is not disgusting. After all, it is a natural thing that mothers have done for as long as breast milk has existed. Bottle feeding is only a relatively recent thing. 

People who are also pro-breastfeeding also argue that there are unfair social norms behind being anti-breastfeeding that are unfair for women. For example, breastfeeding is something that comes naturally for women, and it is a role that women take on in nature. They are technically meant to be the providers of nourishment for all human babies, and breastfeeding should not be disgusting and unnatural when it is totally natural. Some people may argue that anti-breastfeeding views limit the mobility of women in the world because if women were not allowed to breastfeed in public, the only place where they could breast feed would be at home— “chained to the stove,” so to speak. 

Many people also argue that behind the anti-breasting stance is disgust and negative bias toward the female body. Breasts are thought of as being sexual objects, even though they are really supposed to function as things that feed babies. Society has to fix its view on female breasts, and drop the negative, sleazy, immature ideas about them. There is too much of a one-sided, immature, perhaps male view of things that pervades society when it comes to this topic. By the way that society views breasts and breastfeeding, you would think that a 12-year-old boy wrote the rules of society. 

While breastfeeding, there are several different apparatuses that women can use to make the task for efficient. For example, you can get many breastfeeding covers online from Bebitza. Breastfeeding covers are good for women who like to breastfeed out in public but are not completely comfortable with showing skin or baby-to-boob. They come in all kinds of designs and tend to look nice. Breastfeeding covers do not look trashy or clinical. There are also breast pumps that women can get to pump the breast milk out so that they can use it later. 

There are some women who breastfeed their children up to ages that seem relatively old. For example, there are stories online of mothers who breastfed their children up until ages 8 or 9. This is an offshoot of the breastfeeding topic that is very contentious because even many people who partake in breastfeeding might not agree with that. Some people who are against it argue that there is a possibility that it may be damaging to a child’s fragile psychology, and/or be indicative of a flaw in a parent’s psychology.