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How to Use Cage Nuts with Rackmount Screws

Racking for electronics and computer systems is an essential and valuable piece of equipment. The racking systems require specific hardware for the entire mounting of the machine and for the assembling of the structure. The structural stability of the equipment is mainly dependent on rackmount screws and the coordinating fasteners. All the two must work together to offer the support necessary for the equipment. 

Flexibility and durability are two essential factors and using cage spring nuts together with rackmount screws are among the ways of capturing both. You can find these building fasteners and line fasteners as well as marine fasteners at the fastener distributors. Before using the cage nuts and rackmount screws, it is essential to know what they are and how they work. 

Rackmount Screws 

These are tiny threaded fasteners with a black finish and pan heads. Rackmount screws help to mount your equipment on the standard rack rails. You will find them in various sizes, and the common ones are the 10 to 32 and 12 to 24. The M6 rack screws are widely used in the mounting process. Besides the many styles of the rack screws, you will find three types of rackmount screws. 

The threaded racks are designed to fit unique types of rack screws; the M6 rackmount screws are used along with the M6 rack rails. Most computer systems do not seem to fit with the threaded rack rails, but you can use the round unthreaded racks to help you mount the equipment. The clip nuts help the screws to fit well in the unthreaded holes, making the components to attach safely. 

Cage Nuts 

Cage nut is a technological and innovative type of fastener. You can use them in rack rails that have square holes. Cage nuts consist of nuts surrounded by spring metal cages that are slightly larger than the bolts which allow minor alignments and adjustments when tightening them. The cage section features two wings that you can pinch to enable the component to fit in the square holes on the racks perfectly. 

After removing the wings, the cage nuts are held securely and in place on the rack. Cage nuts are essential since they help to hold your computer system in place. The nuts together with clearance racks can be used in computer systems, professional and home video as well as audio equipment among other components in the telecommunication industry. Cage nuts offer an inexpensive way to use the 19-inch racks. When you combine them with the rackmount screws and bolts, they help you create a well-supported and security system that you can quickly change when the need arises. 

Currently, many sever systems are using the square rack holes to provide a quick assembly of the equipment. They help reduce installation time, allowing the business to save a significant amount of money. Cage nuts and rackmount screws go together well in most applications. They are a must in computer networks, and they will soon find their way into other industrial settings.