How to Light up Your Home with Scandinavian Interior Lighting

The Scandinavian interior design style is among one of the well-loved styles that never seems to go out of style. The style has a distinct feel, coupled with its emphasis on functionality and minimalism. The Scandinavian design is distinguishable by very little ornamentation, perfect artisanship and quiet elegance.

The Scandinavian style started in the 1950s that specifically gave priority to functionality and affordability in comparison to opulence and outrageous spending. The use of sharp and clean lines, neutral colors and natural materials was responsive to the Nordic’s short days and very long winters. This demanded for brightness and practicality. How do you successfully pull off a Scandinavian design with the use of good lighting?

Lighting is the essence of any Scandinavian interior design. The foundation of the Scandinavian design is neutrality in the spirit of minimalism and the use of neutral colors. The neutrals accompaniment comes with a base of either cream or white. Muted neutrals like cool grey or pale blue make a room appear spacious and brighter.

If you love colors, the best way is to infuse colorful items in your home, which includes Scandinavian design vases, rugs, and lamps to brighten up the room. There are different types of Scandinavian style lighting to decorate your home.

1.     Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a superb way to infuse the Scandinavian style into your home.  Pendant lights come in a wide variety and prove very dynamic in their usage.  Most people use pendant lights above dining tables, staircases and kitchen islands. They are however useful in other ways like hanging above your bedside table or have it beside your bed, which goes a long way in maximizing space on your bedside stool.

The pendant lights are a great way to light up your bathroom space.  If you have a bedside mirror, you can light it up with the pendant lights, or just above the bathtub to create a beautiful ambiance.

2.     Scandinavian Floor Lamps

A floor lamp is a great way of lighting up a room. It makes a statement and offers functionality. The choice of the lamp, the lamp positioning and the choice of bulb used makes a great impact in a room’s mood.

The bottom of the lamp should ideally be at your eye level when you sit. Make sure when you purchase a floor lamp bulb, you carefully consider your room décor and the ambiance you want to create.  Soft colors are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms while brighter colors are ideal for the kitchen or the bathroom.

3.     Wall Lights

Wall light or sconces as popularly known, are lights fixed to the wall as the name rightly suggests. They use the wall for support, either with the light directed upwards or according to your preference. They are perfect for hallways. They vary in versatility in the sense that you have an option of using them where you please. They are especially great in creating a cozy feel to your living room.

4.     Table Lamps

As the name suggests, they work well atop a table or any other surface. They accessorize well in any setting, be it the living room, bedroom or study room. If a room already has a ceiling fixture, it helps shed more light on activities like writing or reading.

Where you place a table lamp is a matter of personal preference.  The Scandinavian design (you can check it on calls for functionality and simplicity. The bulb color and brightness create the ambiance you desire. The choice of the lamp also depends largely on your room décor. The beauty of the Scandinavian designs is the simple and clean cut lines that blend into almost any style of décor.

Lighting your home should not be an uphill task. Scandinavian type of interior décor calls for simplicity. The less clutter you have, the more elegant your home looks. The maximized use of natural light naturally implies that you use less light during the day. The proper use of lighting also determines how well your room is lit up.