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How Can Social Workers Help Cancer Patients?

Cancer is a very crucial disease. When someone knows that they are suffering from cancer, they feel very helpless. Treatment of cancer is very challenging and costly too. The experience of getting suffered from the cancer is very tough for the patients as they are not able to understand how to face the changes made by the cancer. They can’t make their mind how to manage the cost of treatment and how to talk to their friends, relatives especially their family members, and they feel depressed. Cancer are of several types in human body but the main problem of all patients suffered from different types of cancer is during the treatment, they will also suffered from depression. Then Social workers may help the cancer patients.

What does social workers do? Social workers helps the patients to fight with cancer. They give counselling to the patients, their family members because the cancer treatment is very stressful. As you all know counselling is most important for the patients as they totally lost when they come to know that they are suffering from the most crucial disease. Social workers helps the patient and family to understand how to get treatment for the cancer, also give psychological support to the patient and family as this is the most important part of the treatment.

Social worker are the key persons to help patient and family members. Most of the social worker are having master’s degree and having experience in giving psychosocial support. Social workers also work as a coordinator between the medical team and the patient everyday during the treatment.

Then they give psychosocial support to patient and family as it is very tough for both to accept the presence of cancer in their family. They can also direct them to affordable therapy options that can fit their needs. First, social worker understands the problems of the patients. Like at that time, patients are having several thoughts in their mind regarding the financial, social, insurance coverage, support from family, emotional support and also the physical problems in body.

Social workers assures the patients regarding the financial support, as this is the most important for the patients and for the family because the treatment is too costly. After getting the satisfaction from the social worker, patients can focus on treatment. Social workers also help patients and family members to understand the medicaid (health insurance), medicare(govt health insurance) and insurance coverage. And they also find the solutions to give more coverage to patients as there are copay and deductibles are the parts of insurance coverage. Social workers also refers the patients to support group if they do not have the support from their family, friends.

Social workers also provide the supportive counselling to the patients as some patients also suffers from other diseases with the cancer like mental health issues. Chronic diseases, such as cancer, is a common cause of depression. Social workers also helps the patients for legal support for different types of issues. Like, if a patient having an appointment for surgery or any other test and they didn’t get the transport service on time or if the patient is working and didn’t get leaves or not getting salary for leaves for treatment then the advocate will help the patients.

Social workers also deals with the family issues of the patients. Mostly the children, spouse, siblings having the same fear like the patient. Social worker understand the situation/issues of family members are try to provide the solutions. Disease like cancer, affects the family members the most, as family lost their mental health if someone is suffering from cancer. It required lots of money, courage to fight with the cancer. Family members having good mental health then they can support the patients.

After the painful treatment of cancer, the patient has to undergo with a major problem which is to re-establish the social relationships. Sometimes the relatives, friends, colleagues do not understand the situation what the patient has suffer in their journey of treatment. Social worker plays a important role in redeveloping the relations with their family n friends. They help the patients how to overcome with this situation and redevelop the relations like you have in past. It will take time to redevelop the relations with the friends, colleagues as treatment takes long time and meanwhile the patient forgets their social life gradually in the pain of cancer.

Social workers also provide the supports in documentation. They must maintain the records for treatment. Documentation is very important for the cancer patients as it carriers their daily assessment records which is very useful for the doctors. They also provides the discharge planning. Social workers has to keep the documents safely as this contains the personal information of the patients. Social workers are having enough experience to deal with these type of problem. Patients do not have any idea regarding the documents needed for insurance as they already having mentally stressed and the family members are also not aware with the documents. Social workers are plays important role in documentation so the claims will not get denied with the insurance companies or from medicare or medicaid.

Role of social worker is very challenging. They help patients, their families as they are having responsibilities. Social worker become familiar and then support the patients, provide counselling. They also do many research, making policies so they can give all possible support to the needy. Social work is also a job which require too much time as this is related to social work. They also communicate with other professionals to evaluate the patient’s medical condition. Coordinate with advocates if there is any legal help needed. Talk to patient, family members for speedy recovery from mental health and also provide financial assistance. Job placement of the patient. They also investigate legal issues. They monitor the progress, records of patients health assessment. Also plan the discharge of the patient to the home. Also modiey the treatment plans to fulfill the patients needs. Also plans social groups to provide support, counselling. Also see the paperwork for insurance, medicare and medicaid and also completes the papers for hospitalization.