How Airflow can affect the Performance of Some of the Best Vaporizer for E Liquid Available in the Market Today

The good thing about vaping is that you can customize the device to get the maximum experience. For example, if you are using cigarettes, it only has a limited airflow that’s why it only produces limited smoke. Same with using an electronic cigarette, since you can’t customize it, what you see, is what you get.

The beauty of using a different vaping device is its customizability. By using a separate atomizer, you can choose how much airflow you want, and you can fully appreciate the vapor coming out of your device. You can appreciate flavor payout and most especially the cloud chasing of your vaping device.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of airflow in your atomizer, how you can maximize its usage and whether the best vaporizer pen available in the market today can give you the vaping experience that you need.

The amount of airflow you are allowing your atomizer when you are vaping change how you look at vaping and the overall experience. The job of the airflow is straightforward; it will enable the air to pass freely and flow through the coil and to your mouth.

Most vaping devices use adjustment rings on the atomizer, to allow users to change the airflow manually, whether they want it high or low. The higher the atomizer’s airflow, the colder the coil will get. When you turn the airflow to its maximum ability, you will generally experience a cooler and much smoother cloud with less flavor.

When you fire your vaping device, the juice will immediately vaporize on the coil. When the air makes contact with the evaporated liquid, it quickly cools the vapor temperature before the user can inhale it. With a higher airflow, the vapor will be cooler, but by cooling it, you will lose a lot of flavor in the process. Instead of forcing the juice’s flavor out, it will stay on the coil.

With higher airflow, it can decrease the amount of juice the atomizer needed to produce a lot of vapor because the juice remains on the coil. If you are using a lower airflow atomizer, you will get more flavor out of your juice. When there is less air contact with the coil, it will force the vapor out of the coil much faster because the gas gets warmer. When it is forced out quicker, the flavor of the juice will come out thicker and fuller than when you are using a larger airflow atomizer.

It is because of the “Joule-Thomson effect”. The effect will explain that when the air passes through a small hole, it causes a temperature drop. The speed of airflow will affect the cooling efficiency, which will change the flavor of the juice that is used. When you are using an atomizer with more substantial airflow, you will experience thicker vapor but with less flavor.

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Because of that, you will experience a lesser threat hit and more gas. With decrease air flow, the user will experience a lot of flavor from the juice, and more throat hit, and lower vapor. Overall, if your primary goal in switching to Vape is to experience a strong flavor, then the best way to get it is to use a tighter airflow atomizer. In contrast, if you are a cloud chasing Vape user, then it is best to use atomizers with looser airflows.

There are different kinds of atomizers, depending on the preference of the user. The best part by using Vape devices is that they are can be customized depending on the user’s need. Because atomizers can be customized, users can change the airflow of their devices and switch from being a cloud chaser to flavor chaser.

Atomizer airflow also differs depending on the side, it was placed. Some are set in the middle of the device, some on the side with the flow either going up or going down. The placement of the airflow also affects how the vapor is produced, the flavor, and how often the user will change cotton and coil. You can always experiment on your device to find out which way you prefer to experience the maximum capabilities of your vaping device.

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This kind of setup will allow users to have flexibility, and provide a different experience than the traditional cigarette and electronic cigars can’t give. When you are looking for your next tank or RDA, make sure that you see every detail of the atomizer to see how far you can customize your setup.