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Four reasons to invest in a catering fridge

Businesses, both large and small, may sometimes try to cut down costs by purchasing appliances which aren’t always the best for the job. Whilst it is understandable that being cost efficient is often a high priority, ensuring that your equipment is right should always come first. Here’s why using a commercial fridge, rather than a standard domestic one, is the right choice.

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More storage space

It goes without saying, but it would be extremely rare to find a domestic fridge that has the storage capacity needed for a large or growing business. With a smaller fridge, you run the risk of overfilling it, which can, in turn, cause a number of issues, such as overheating. A speciality fridge also comes with a much larger compressor than those in standard fridges. This allows the doors to be open and shut many times throughout the day, something that is standard in the food industry, without the compressor being overworked and ultimately breaking down.

Consistent temperature

Whilst standard fridges ensure that food items are kept chilled, it is often not consistent with the temperature. This is especially true when the door is opened multiple times throughout the day. Commercial fridges are made to be precise and allow food to be stored at a specific temperature, something which is essential when dealing with hygiene and quality. You must still regularly monitor your fridge to ensure that you are adhering to the correct temperature control parameters.

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Ease of cleaning

If you take a look at the commercial fridges on offer, such as those found here, you will notice the difference in design to a domestic fridge. The ability to remove shelves and door seals make them much easier to clean, in addition to the durable stainless steel that is commonly used.

Better equipped for regular use

Whilst using a domestic fridge may seem a great cost-effective alternative, it is also a sure fire way to be left with an appliance which will quickly deteriorate. A commercial fridge can withstand excessive use, whereas a domestic fridge would soon struggle with the sheer volume of times the door would need to be opened. Not only would this affect the temperature of the food inside, but it would also inflict damage to your fridge extremely quickly, something which commercial fridges are built for.