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Four Great Places to Retire in Florida

Florida is well known as being a Mecca for retirees. Individuals from all over the U.S. migrate to the Sunshine State every year. If Florida is the destination for your golden years then you have a decision to make. One thing many overlook about Florida is that it is a large state with many cities to choose from. You want a place that caters to seniors, offers comfort, retains an active atmosphere, has plenty to do, and is an ideal vacation spot. After all, retirement is only complete when your grandchildren come to visit. Here are four of the best places to retire in the Sunshine State. 


Naples bears the title of best place for retirement living in Florida. Mostly this is because of its ever-present warm climate, sunny atmosphere, and 51% senior-heavy population. The city is located right off the Gulf of Mexico. It has a large assortment of golf courses and other recreational activities that are fun for you as well as visiting family. Your loved ones will not miss the chance to visit you if you live in Naples. Its close proximity to the Gulf also makes it a great place to enjoy the beach. Perfect for family vacations designed to soak up some sun. 

Cape Coral 

Cape Coral is another southern city. It is quaint place with a very active lifestyle. If you want something to do other than soak up rays Cape Coral has parks, natural preserves, and golf courses to enjoy. As with Naples the city of Cape Coral is a great vacation spot for family. The wide assortment of activities can give your loved ones plenty to do. 

Daytona Beach 

Daytona is the most affordable vacation spot in Florida thanks to the housing crash. It is located near the Deltona/Ormond/Daytona beach area. Daytona itself has a smaller population that sits under 100,000. This is great for peace and quiet. It has great beaches, sunny weather, and is minutes away from numerous activities. It also has a list of its own popular haunts that loved ones will enjoy visiting. A great place to live and entertain annual guests. 

New Port Richey 

New Port Richey is also near the Gulf of Mexico. It boasts professional sporting events as well as fantastic museums in addition to its sandy beaches. You and your significant other will have no lack of things to do while you bask under the sun. 

The best thing about New Port Richey is that it is not a big city, it is located near a big city. This gives you all the great attractions but allows you to live in a nice secluded area as well. It is also perfect for your visiting loved ones as they will have no end of things to do. 


Orlando gets an honorable mention because as with Daytona it is a very affordable locale. Orlando is a great place for retirement living in central Florida. It is a major city and the most well-known city besides Miami.  Orlando has it all. It has great beaches, amazing attractions, and the happiest place on earth. Among other things it is the home of Disney World.