Experience the Cultural Diversities of Malaysia

Always playing on the contrast, Malaysia is based on a strong ethnic diversity. Malay, Chinese, Indians, Tamils … all coexist in good agreement and allow Malaysia to rely on a pluralistic culture.

Because of the plurality of its constituent peoples, Malaysia is a true mosaic of cultures and religions. Although in Malaysia Islam is the state religion, the fact remains that the country has a great diversity of religions that rub shoulders harmoniously.

For example, the Chinese, very present, form a Buddhist community. Indians are mainly Hindu, but also Muslim or Sikh. As a result, the country is full of religious buildings that constitute an extraordinary heritage.

Some of these sites are nestled in the middle of the forest. This is not surprising since Malaysia has developed while leaving a predominant place to nature that has not been or very little distorted.

It is also she who gives most of its charm to the country. Kilometers of forest are accessible to visitors who will find an exceptional fauna and flora.

Malaysia has as well been able to derive incredible strength from its duality. Between concrete and nature, between Western and Eastern, its visitors cannot get lost.

Malaysia alone seems to represent a sample of our vast world. True cultural crossroads, it offers a quality of life out of the ordinary.

Today,  the rich cultural diversities of Malaysia never cease to impress all its visitors, and in order to visit the country legally, a valid Malaysia visa is needed. This type of visa can be processed when you present the following documents:

Documents required for Malaysia Visa

  • Invitation letter from your Malaysian contact.
  • If you do not have a sponsor in Malaysia, you will need to make a dated and signed letter confirming that you do not have a sponsor in Malaysia
  • A valid passport for a minimum duration of six months.
  • Return ticket or continuation of the trip to another country.
  • Certificate of vaccination against yellow fever. This is compulsory for those who in the six days prior to the trip had been in a country in which yellow fever is prevalent.
  • Proof that you’ve got enough money for your stay in Malaysia

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