Countless Reasons Why It’s Better To Be a Woman

Aside from the fact that women have a higher threshold for pain, get to be called ‘mommy’, and on average live longer, there are other more trivial yet highly amusing reasons why it’s so much better to be a woman. Obviously, there are times when we stop and think men have it easy in life, but we quickly come back to our senses. For one thing, we don’t go bald in our 20s or 30s, and when it comes to free dating online we get tons of new messages every day, albeit many of them creepy, and men don’t! Below you’ll find loads of reasons why it’s so much better to be a woman even if we still do live in a man’s world.

1.     Women Get to Wear Makeup and Dress up

Men are stuck with the face they’re born with whereas women get to wear makeup, change their look and style any time they want to adapt to the situation, and have tons of ways to improve their appearance without plastic surgery.

Sure, you might say that the clear trade-off here is that women spend countless hours in the bathroom for it and loads of money on cosmetics, makeup and beauty enhancements, but the end result is definitely worth it! We get to be chameleons, change our hair, change our beauty routine, and almost assume different personalities for it, whereas men are pretty much stuck with what Mother Nature gave them.

2.     Multiple Orgasms

A list of arguments why it is better to be a woman wouldn’t be complete without multiple orgasms. Sure, men are more obsessed with sex and sometimes even allow their lives to revolve around it, but they’d surely give anything to have what we have – the ability to experience different degrees of climax in a single sexual encounter. Nature has bestowed this gift upon women, and not men, giving us a clear advantage in the battle of the sexes.

3.     Women Can Get Away With Far More

We lie better, and look better naked, and don’t have to worry about what people think when we hug our friends. Nobody is going to think we’re gay because we show emotion, ourselves included! We know the truth whether size matters, and know exactly which buttons to push to further our agenda. Yes, we have an agenda, and even if we’re stupid men think it’s cute!

We get drunk faster and on far less alcohol, which either costs us less or doesn’t cost us at all! We can cry and let it all out, but if a man cries he risks being called a wimp. Men give up their seats for us, and sleep on the couch if we’ve had a fight while we get to sleep in our own bed. There are times when chocolate really is a solution to all of our problems, and PMS can be used as a legal defense! We could go on forever, but you get the picture.