Cloud Computing And Commerce

…Why Every Business–Small And Large–Needs It…

Research shows that in the next few years any business that won’t have embraced the cloud computing technology may as well have a negative internet presence.

As one of the blog posts on QBO Hero pointed out, converting to a cloud-based computing technology requires discovery, planning, implementation and as much follow through as, well, surfers!

QBO Hero is a converter of QuickBooks from desktop to online.

Advantages Of Cloud Computing In The Small Business

Startups usually face challenges different from larger, more established businesses, including localized operations and limited funds. Consequently, they might not be in a position to properly budget the services of an expanded IT staff, hardware and software required to keep the business up to date in the cloud services world.

Cloud services helps businesses to save money and resources for any business. This is facilitated by the fact that almost all data and applications from a business can be stored on some remote servers and hence save the tedious work of file keeping and employment of a record keeping staff.

Saving a company’s computing functions or even data to the cloud database greatly helps at reducing the company’s need to buy and install new software and hardware that could have been used for that function.

Other Advantages

  • Scalability and flexibility. Most cloud services are very flexible in that as a business grows there are better packages for upgrade which are readily available. After a business has grown the management can choose to move from a shared cloud to a more private cloud package to help meet its evolving needs.
  • Supporting collaboration. Small businesses may be on a tight budget which may lead them to rely on independent contractors or even collaborate for constant access to applications and data. The business can simply subscribe to a cloud package which is shared by several businesses hence at a lower cost.
  • Securing or protecting its data from unauthorized hands. Storing data from a business or company on a cloud also prevents it against accidental loss, malicious activity and even natural calamities such as earthquakes, fire and floods.

Cloud saving also helps at ensuring that data is protected from human error, cyber threats and also any other form of physical damage.

Despite the embrace of cloud services having its own setbacks, taking your business to the cloud services world has a lot of benefits not only to your brand but also to the general face and reputation of your venture.

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