Clocks’ Decorating Ideas

That counts cannot be measured and that it can be counted, doesn’t count, is one of the most famous expressions of Albert Einstein. Time is of great importance to people as it constantly passes.

In the constantly evolving world, the need of man to realize of time goes by, has led him to find ways and tools that measure the time spent. Watches can be considered by man’s oldest and greatest inventions.

But the years have passed, technology has evolved and today there is a wide variety of watches that can be categorized to analogue and digital, to home and personal and the story goes on and on.

The main clock categories, when it is about a house are classified in subcategories: wall and table or floor clocks, and various styles too such as vintage, retro, or minimal and of course the precious handmade ones.

Analog / digital

The analog watches show the time and the minutes with pointers moving either electronically or mechanically. The traditional analogs work has springs and mechanism and requires the corresponding tuning. A digital clock displays time, minutes, and seconds with digits. They also have the ability to show the day and date.

House watches

House watches are the ones we choose to place in several places in our house not only for its practical value but also for fitting in the aesthetics of the area.This kind of clock may have equal and greater decorative value than a mirror or other decorative object in a particular position as it can be the main decorative element of a space.

The clocks are usually placed in some specific places in the house such as the entrance area, the living room or the kitchen while other places are forbidden for them like your bedroom and your bathroom too. You are the only one who decides the place you are going to put it.

Wall clocks

Depending on their size, they can cover a large part of the wall or the entire wall, or can be placed over the fireplace or sofa, or above your wall lamps. Practically there are innumerable ways to decorate an empty wall with one or more smaller clocks that create a composition.

Table clocks

They add vitality and color to the decoration of the house. They are smaller in size, but placed in the appropriate furniture can also be a dynamic decorative element that can contribute to shaping the style of a space.

Floor clocks

Your grandfather’s floor clock may recall memories from your childhood when you believed in fairy tales’ existence. They are not as widespread as they require a lot of space in the room. In a spacious hallway they are the reference point, as they seem to welcome visitors in their particular way and volume, while with their melodies can echo all over the whole house or even remain silent. They can also be placed in an cold corner of the living room and give it a very interesting retro style.

Handmade clocks

You can also use your imagination and take old or out-of-date objects by turning them into unique watches. You can use empty metal food packaging boxes, like they are either from tea or honey and your coffee box .You can also use vinyl records, pieces of wood, dishes, retro textiles on cans. Get the clock mechanism and enjoy the process of making your own unique clock!

You do not have to depend on time in your life. You can use time and its showing items into a great piece of your house decoration. And remember, you are the last person who decides where your clock is going to be placed.