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6 ways to deliver superb customer service

A successful business depends on its customers remaining loyal and satisfied and recommending it to their friends. But they will only remain good customers if you consistently provide them with good service, so how can you ensure that you offer the best service possible and keep them onboard?

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1. Treat your team well

It might seem odd when we are discussing customer service to start by talking about how you treat your staff. However, the attitude of your team is crucial, as they are the people who are interacting directly with the customers and if they are not happy and motivated, that will rub off.

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2. Service with a smile

It’s an old idea, but if customers are greeted in a friendly, cheerful way, they will respond in kind. Obviously, the smile doesn’t show through the call centre, but the attitude does, so your staff’s approach to customers is a key factor.

3. Patience

Engaging with the customer is not just about attitude, though. It’s important not to rush the customer through the transaction. If you make them feel that you have time to spend on them, they will see that they are important to the business. Using VoIP wholesale systems, from suppliers like, means your call costs are low, so you can afford to take a relaxed approach.

4. Listen

This means listening to the customer and understanding their needs. It also means being able to guide the conversation to get to the information you need. Having listened, it’s then important to address their problem, rather than just deliver a stock response.

5. Know the product

Whether you are dealing with insurance policies or kitchen appliances, it’s important that your customer service staff have sufficient product knowledge. They don’t necessarily need to know things inside out, but they should always be able to answer the most common queries without having to refer to another colleague.

6. Keep calm and carry on

In any customer service environment, you are always going to come across customers who are angry or upset from time to time. The key customer service skill in these situations is not to lose your own cool. Listen to the customer’s concerns and address the core of their problem. This will defuse the situation and help to get the customer back onside.