5 Unique Valentine Gift Ideas to Win Your Lady-Love’s Heart All over Again!

Are you tired of gifting the same bunch of roses and chocolates to your lady-love on each Valentine’s Day? If you desire to make this Valentine Day’s special with some unique Valentine’s Day gifts then you have stopped at the right place. Have a look at our list of unique gifts for your sweetheart that is surely going to leave a lasting impression on her.

Traditionally on the Valentine’s Day, couples gift roses and chocolates to each other for expressing love to their special ones. But, are you tired of giving the same traditional gifts every year and want to surprise your wife or girlfriend with an out of the box Valentine’s Day gift idea? Don’t worry! We have arranged just the prefect list of unique valentine gifts for your sweetheart.

1. Love Rings

To show your eternal love and affection for your sweetheart, gift a pair of love rings. Each of these rings will have your names engraved on it. Gift these rings to each other and through this gift express your eternal love for her in a very unique way.

2. Love Hamper

If you want to surprise your sweetheart with some of her favourite things, then a love hamper is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. It is a collection of gifts for her. To make this love hamper, gather some gifts for her, such as a lipstick in her favourite shade, a book that she has wanted to read from a long time, a small wallet, pictures of you and her together and other items that you think that she will like. Lastly, write a love note or a letter expressing the amount of love and care you hold in your heart for her.

3. The Memory Box

Gather your sweet little memories in a small jar by adding one small element of the memory in this memory jar. You can add in the tickets of the first movie you saw together or pictures of you and your sweetheart of the places that you have visited together. When you will gift this box to your girlfriend, she will go through a rollercoaster of sweet memories filled with nostalgic emotions.

4. Make-up Subscription Box

It is sure that your girlfriend or wife loves to pamper herself whenever she is about to go somewhere out. So, subscribe a monthly subscription box of cosmetics for her that will be filled with lots of makeup items and goodies. Don’t worry about the money as these boxes are usually not much expensive and also contains lots of products for her use.

5.  Photo Collage

Collect all of your sweet memories with your sweetheart and compile a collage of the pictures. You can even make a timeline of your relationship with this collage. Frame this picture collection in a cool looking photo frame. Let her reminisce in those sweet memories with this frame.

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