5 More Ideas to Upgrade Your Diamond Engagement Ring

So you’ve already made the decision to spruce up your beloved engagement ring. Perhaps your budget is now more flexible, or you just want something that will really catch everyone’s eye. Whatever your reason, we’ve got some more great ideas on how best to upgrade your favourite piece of jewellery so it remains relevant and every bit as loved as it was on the day it was received.

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1. Consider Doubling the Halo

Double-edged halos are becoming increasingly popular in the engagement ring industry. This style is classy and sophisticated whilst still being showy enough to impress the admirers.

2. Add a Surprise Diamond

Surprise stones can be added beneath the main stone in order to give a bit of depth to an existing ring. These won’t be visible from a aerial point of view but can be seen from the side and are a nice addition to any ring.

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3. Upgrade the Stone

You could try out a different-sized diamond, a different cut of the stone or even an entirely new stone altogether if you’re feeling brave. Sapphires, rubies and other gemstones are becoming increasingly popular in the engagement ring market and add a little bit of colour to an otherwise classic ring. Several different beautiful stones can be used and work wonderfully, from emeralds to amethysts.

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4. Change an Old Setting

Whilst rings used to come in a few standard settings, there are now hundreds to choose from. Why settle for the standard clasp when you could try out an entirely new and modern design? In doing so, you’ll be keeping the original stone, and thus the sentimental value will be retained. In changing the setting of your ring, the world is your oyster, and you could transform it into a whole new piece of jewellery!

5. Time for a New Ring?

This can be a hard decision to make, particularly if you’ve had the ring a long while and have sentimental ties to it. However, if you’re able to let go of the emotional ties, you may be able to find a whole new ring that you love even more than the previous one.