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4 Fun Ways to Commemorate Your Photos

Humans are very sentimental creatures, and we’re always trying to preserve our favorite memories in any way we can. A classic way of doing this is with photographs. In this digital age, it’s easy to take all the pictures we want on our various devices, and easy to share them through social media. With all this easy access to technology, thousands of photos can be taken by an individual within just a few months. But how do we really make those memories last? After all, pictures, even as crisp and clean as they are, can start to fade into each other. They lose their meaning, and sometimes their stories. How can we keep this from happening? How can we keep these memories alive? The answer is fairly simple. Turn them into a photo gift.

Picture This

Humans have been creatively finding new ways to commemorate their photos. Mugs, blankets, wall hangings, phone covers, even magnets! The possibilities seem so endless, yet these are still simple prints. What if we desire a closer look? Something that makes us really take the time to consider the subject of the photo, as well as it’s finer details? Well, you could take that photo… and have it turned into a puzzle.

A Puzzle?

Whenever you are putting a puzzle together, you have to look at all the little details in each piece to see how they fit together. What better way to have your favorite memories printed? What better way to preserve each photos’ story? At Portrait Puzzles, a company dedicated to making your memories last, this is made possible in a beautiful, professionally processed way. The website is easy to navigate, and there are many puzzle options to choose from, from fifteen pieces to a thousand; from the classic rectangle shape to the shape of a heart. Each puzzle is crafted to last with laser cut precision and high quality materials so that you can put the puzzle together again and again and again! Even if you only want to put it together once and glue it into one piece, the effect of the puzzle photo remains. The jigsaw lines make our brains focus on the smaller details that make up the whole picture so that we can always keep those memories alive.

Portrait Puzzles

Portrait Puzzles offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, because that is their biggest aim: your satisfaction. Each puzzle is crafted to last over many years and uses. They ship all over the United States, Canada, Australia, and Ireland currently. For more information and ordering info, please go to and order your memories to printed today!