3 Things to Consider When Buying a Paint Booth

The experts at Auto Body Tool Mart explain that a paint booth protects your paint job from contaminants, dirt, and dust. A paint booth is a significant expenditure, so you should know what to consider when purchasing a booth to repaint your car.

What You Will Be Painting

You will want to purchase a spray booth that is large enough for what you will be painting. At the same time, you will want to avoid overspending on more booth than you need.

As a rule of thumb, you will want 3-5 feet of open space around the object being painted. You might consider purchasing more booth than you need it you foresee painting larger objects in the future.

The Size of Your Shop

When a paint booth is in operation it will be drawing air from your shop. When the square footage of a shop is inadequate to supply the volume of air a paint booth requires negative pressure can result. To determine if the airflow in your shop is adequate, check the length, width, and height of your building.

Permits and Regulations

Contact your local building inspector regarding codes governing paint booths and any changes to the structure of your shop. You should also consult the fire marshal. Visit AutoBody Toolmart to be certain your booth is OSHA compliant. A hazardous pollutants permit will have to be issued by the EPA.


The first consideration in choosing a paint booth is the size of the object you are painting. The second consideration is whether the shop’s square footage is sufficient to prevent the booth from drawing too much air from the shop. The third consideration is the local, state, and federal regulations for paint booths and required permits.