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Top tips to stay fit and healthy this winter

In winter, it’s not easy for everyone to wake up early in the morning and do exercise to stay fit and fine. Everybody want’s to sleep more in winter, especially in the morning time. But if there is a will, then it’s not too much difficult to walk-up early in the morning and go for exercise. Stay fit and healthy will keep you away from many diseases. The winter is a tough and challenging time for everyone to stick to their exercise plan. In winter, the days are cold and shorter, so it’s difficult to stick to your daily routine. But you can follow the below tips to stay fit and healthy in winter.

Stick to your diet: In the winter, It’s very difficult to stick to your diet. As most of the persons are not having a good diet in winter. You must add seasonal fruits, almonds, vegetables in your diet. It will give you the more energy to the body. You can also take hot drinks so the inner temperature of your body will be constant and your heart will not take any extra efforts to pump the blood in your body. You can also add soup of vegetable in your diet. Soup’s are also called the perfect food for winter. In winter, you need all nutrients so your body will fight with cold and flu.

Go for exercise: You must go for exercise daily in winter. Your body needs more energy in winter. You can go little later when there is a sunlight. Exercise will give you the energy and make your muscles in motion. You must stick to your exercise plan. It will control your body weight. As in winter, if you are not too much active then your body weight will increase. It will also boost your immune system and reduce your stress level. Exercise in winter will be more beneficial then in any other weather. You will get vitamin D from the sunlight in winter as you can stay for long time in outside in day time as compare to other weathers. Sunlight will make your body warmer. Sunlight will makes your bone strong and also makes the immune system strong.

Intake more fiber: You must eat more fiber specially in winter. You can eat apples, oats etc to decrease inflammation and boost your immune function. The fiber presents in apples and oats will helps to reduce the cholestrol level and also helps in reduce weight. Fiber is also plays a important role in reducing the diabetes threat. Seniors citizens specially needs these fiber to protect their digestive systems.

Using of stairs: You must use stairs specially in winter and avoid esclatars. Using of stairs is the good exercise for loosing weight. In winter, sometimes physical exercise is not so easy. This is good exercise for your legs. In today’s life, we are using esclatars to save the time, but we are loosing your health. Healthy is more important then the time. You always use the stairs if you are not having too much time for exercise and for morning walk. It will also makes your leg strong and your knee are also moving and you may avoid knee pain in future.

Do dance: You may also opt for the dance at home in winter. It will help you to stay fit and active. It will also reduce your body weight. You will loose many calories if you dance 20-30 minutes a day. Your will feel more energetic after the dance. Your body will also get the inner heat which will makes your muscles in motion. Your heart may pump the blood easily to other parts of the body. You may also feel stress free and dancing is the best option for stay fit and healthy.

Be social: You must be social. Being social, you will find new friends and you may get good environment. Your friends will be your partner in doing exercise. Doing a work in a group, will benefit you more as you will do more exercise. You may also join yoga or dance classes with your friend, so you find the company of your friend and you will enjoy your classes. If you spend some time with your friends, family then you will live stress free life. A company of your family or friends will reduce your stress and you do not feel lonely and depressed.

Drink lots of water: You must drink lots of water during the winter. People likely to drink more water in summer only and be dehydrating in winter. If you drink less water in winter, your skin may get dry. You may drink hot water so your body will be hydrated and you will not face any problem. Water is very important for human body.  Body loses lots of water in urination and digestion during winter. In winter, the air around us get drier and our body gets less moisture. Water also helps to remove the unhealthy toxins from the body. Every person needs to drink atleast 2-3 liters of water everyday to feel energetic and to protect yourself from the diseases.

Being fit and healthy is important for every person, specially in winter. In winter, cold and flu are the most common which may effect the persons. Stay fit and healthy to improve your immune system will protect you from winter diseases. Every human wants to be fit and healthy but due to the stress in life they are not able to follow the proper daily routine. Missed their exercise which is most important for their body specially in winter. But you have to understand that if you want to live stress free life or wants to protect yourselves from diseases, you must need to think about your body. You must take proper diet and do follow daily exercise plan. You may also talk to your family members, colleagues or friends to give you the company to do exercise instead of going for movies, parties with them. You may enjoy your winter season by adopting the above tips to make yourself fit and healthy.

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