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Top 4 Simple Exercises for a Great Body you can Do at Home

It doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, man, woman, or even a member of the transgender dating niche, physical activity must be a part of your daily routine. Besides healthy food, regular exercise is the only thing that can keep a human body healthy and in decent shape. However, not all people have the chance to join the gym or pay a personal trainer. Therefore, we’re going to talk about the 4 simple but effective exercises for a great body that you can do in the privacy of your own home.


This one is probably one of the most popular exercises out there, especially when it comes to women. The reason why it’s so popular is the fact that you don’t need any equipment and you can do it anywhere you like. All you have to do is stand in an upright position with your feet spread a bit wider than shoulders. Then, put your arms in front of your body and make sure they’re parallel to the floor. This way, you won’t be able to help yourself with your arms. Also, keep your upper body straight all the time and your lower back arched. Then, lower your body as far as you can by bending your knees. For great results, make sure you do 15 repetitions.

Bear Crawl

A lot of people don’t want to do this exercise because it looks kind of funny, but trust us, it’s one of the best exercises for your core. You start on your hands and knees and then rise up onto your toes while keeping both of your hands on the floor. Once you’re in a bear position, slowly reach forward with the right arm and right knee. Then, do the exact same thing with the left side of your body. Crawl for about 10 repetitions and then rest.

The Mountain Climber

If bear crawl is not your thing, you will definitely like the mountain climber. This simple, but effective exercise will do wonders for both your core and your cardio. Again, the starting position is on your hands and knees. After that, you have to bring the left foot forward directly under your chest while keeping your right leg straightened. Then, while keeping both of your hands on the floor, jump and switch your legs so your right leg is under the chest and the left one is straightened behind you.

Plank-to-Push-Up Exercise

As you probably know, planking is one of the best ways to strengthen your core, but if that’s too boring for you, you can add a little twist to it. Plank-to-Push-Up is one hell of an exercise that will make your core stronger and tone your upper body and arm muscles. All you have to do is start from a classic plank position, then slowly, one arm at the time, lift your body into the push-up position. Stay like that for 10 seconds, and get back in the planking position. Do 10 repetitions and then rest for a while. Make sure your back is straight throughout the repetitions.