Top 3 Simplest Beauty Tips That Make Their Heads Turn

We all know that most men don’t really notice any details on a woman, and are more inclined to look at the whole package than every part of her. However, it is a bunch of details we need to take care of that make up that package that make their heads turn on the street, their hearts pump faster when we’re talking to them, and their tongues getting tied when we’re near them. BBW singles know very well that the right beauty routine can make them shine brighter than a diamond, but it still doesn’t hurt to go over a few basics that often slip our minds in the sea of new products, information, treatments, procedures, and all the mumbo jumbo related to looking our best. Below you’ll find the top 3 most essential tips to bring back into your routine or include at once if they’re not the cornerstone of your regime already.

1.     Cutting Your Hair Every 6 to 8 Weeks

The sexiest hair no matter the style, color, pricey shampoo used or fancy hair salon you visit is by all means healthy hair. There is no denying the fact that shampooing with a high-quality shampoo goes a long way, and if the products you put in your hair are natural and effective, your mane will look stunning. On the other hand, the absolute best thing you can treat your hair to is a regular cut to eliminate the split ends that damage the rest of the hair when left on for too long. Refreshing your hairstyle once every two months will ensure your hair doesn’t get tangled as much, can go for longer when you wash and style it, and above all has that healthy shine that no amount of product can ever bring.

2.     Getting a Facial Every 3 Months

Your regular facial cleansing routine keeps your skin looking fresh and ready for makeup, but it doesn’t provide that deep cleansing that everyone living in an urban environment desperately needs. We’re not advocating that you get pricey facials all the time since the point isn’t even in the products that your beautician uses. The main point is in the extraction, especially if you have oily skin prone to blemishes. Not only will your skin shine but every facial out there is a sort of an anti-aging treatment which will especially be evident if you haven’t been to a salon in a while.

3.     Manicures and Pedicures Every Month

If you’ve ever wondered how those posh girls maintain their ‘perfect’ looks, this is how! They cut their hair regularly, have their facial skin treated by a pro every several months, and have their nails salon polished every several weeks! With a beauty routine like this, you won’t need to splurge on expensive products because you’ll be eliminating ‘the problem’ before it even occurs, and you won’t even have to spend a fortune maintaining a respectable wardrobe if you’re naturally pretty both inside and out. No matter how pricey your coat or boots are or how many designer bags are in your closet if your hair is dull and your nails are chipped, right?