Tools Your Online Marketing Agency Should be Using to Improve Search Engine Rankings

Do you pay an internet marketing company good money to help with your search engine rankings and implement strategies to promote your business on the web? If so, one of the first things to check up on is the tools they use. After all, experts are only as good as the resources behind them.

In this post, we go over a few of the best  online marketing tools which can save you time and effort in keeping your site competitive and rank well on search engines. You would do well to ensure that your online marketing agency is using some (if not all) of them as these tools undoubtedly earned such a distinction for a reason.


Ahrefs is an outstanding tool which gives you the ability to keep tabs on the following:

  • Keywords that you are ranking for
  • Keywords that your competitors are ranking for
  • Insights into the strategies your closest competitors are using and what is producing excellent results for them

The great thing about Ahrefs is that it offers crucial information that an SEO company can use to fine-tune marketing campaigns. For one thing, the tool reveals how quickly links are built and where those links are coming from. Such information can prove useful for a business looking to bridge the gap between them and that of their competitors. For example, the tool can tell you how many keywords and links you need to get on the first page of Google for specific search queries.


Do you want to know what type of content is producing a great deal of attention on social media? That is exactly what “Buzzsumo” offers.  Your online marketing agency ought to be able to keep tabs on relevant content that is producing buzz on social media so that your business can model them or at the very least, get a perspective on what content tends to drive the most interest among users.

With Buzzsumo, you can quickly find out if a blog post you published has been getting shares or receiving any attention at all. If you find an influencer sharing your material, connect with them and try to find joint endeavor opportunities.

Another useful feature of BuzzSumo is that it offers you the ability to monitor your brand. You can see the number of discusses are being created for your posts and those of your rivals. You can then develop appealing content to increase your engagement levels.

Authority Labs

Authority Labs integrates aggregated data from Google Analytics, Google AdWords and other SEO information to discover the best possible opportunities for your ranking. This tool is most suitable for local service providers looking to get real-time information on the keywords that they are targeting.  Authority Labs shows you how a particular search term is trending over a 3, 6 or 12 month period.

Authority Labs also has a “Now Provided” function that occasionally supplies users with additional keywords that it thinks, your business has an excellent chance to rank for but never considered.


Among the most significant challenges that any SEO company in Sydney faces is the monumental task of consistently creating high quality, engaging and actionable content. “SEMrush” is a tool developed specifically to help businesses determine which topics to focus on based on the search terms that you are targeting.

SEMrush includes among other things, an organic search position research tool that internet marketing companies can use to create a report detailing the keywords that your nearest competitors are ranking for. This tool also tells you which of those keywords are generating the most traffic. It gives you all the information you need to reverse engineer the competition.

So there you have it — a few of the best tools in the SEO business that any reputable online marketing agency ought to be using. While your SEO agency may not necessarily be using all of them, they must at least assure you that they have an alternate tool that supplies similar information to tweak your marketing campaigns better.