The Four Best Mexico Beaches to Go in Your Summer Holiday

Many people in the US who dream of a tropical vacations often come to Mexico for beach holidays. Mexico is nearby and can be reached by taking a short flight. You can find Mexico beaches that suit you no matter what kind of budget you have. The following are the four Mexico best beaches.

1. Playa Norte

Playa Norte is the main beach on the Isla Mujeres island in Mexico. The water is blue color and the sand on the shore felt like crushed coral. It has warm shallow water even in far distance off shore. Sand bags are positioned near the swimming area to reduce the energy of the waves. You can watch amazing sunset from the sand or water. On the beach, you will find many beach clubs renting beach supplies and selling food/drinks to the visitors. In peak season, the beach gets overcrowded with lots of boats. The stretch of beach on the southwest is more open to public while the part on the northeast has lesser people as it is private beach surrounded with hotels.

2. Maya Chan

Maya Chan is a peaceful beach with beautiful scenery in Mahahual. In Maya Chan, visitors are welcomed with a drink and led to their private cabana. The cabana must be reserved first. The server will keep coming back to your seat or floating chair to deliver/refill your drink. deliver or refill your drinks. If you like to sit on inflatable chair on the water, you can do so here at Maya Chan. There are plenty of floating chairs that have been anchored which visitors can sit for free. You can also take part in activities like kayaking and paddle boarding. There are lots of shades and the entire beach area offers free wi-fi access. When snorkeling, you can fee the seagrass on your feet. If you don’t like the feeling of seagrass, you can wear water shoes.

3. Balandra Beach

Balandra Beach is a beautiful beach with clear warm water and back with black hills in La Paz, Mexico. The beach can be divided into 2 parts. The main beach is the public beach where you will find vendors trying to sell the umbrellas to visitors. Many of the visitors are locals who live in the neighborhood or other parts. Because it is a lagoon, there is no current that rip through the water. Nearby, you will find plenty of parking spaces. It has no restaurant around so make sure you bring some food along. You can row the Kayak over the entire water to explore the ocean.

4. Playa La Ropa

Playa La Ropa, also known as Clothes Beach, is a small beach lined with palm trees in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. It has a laid back environment and does not have any of the high rise hotels and fast food restaurants. The beach was named after a Spanish sailing ship that experienced ship wrecked. In La Ropa, you can carry out activities like swimming, parasailing, sailing, and waterskiing. You can reach Playa La Ropa by hiking along the 1.5 km clifftop trail from Playa Madera. This allows you to enjoy the scenery of the ocean water from the cliff.