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Some great baking contest shows

There are numerous baking shows available to watch on television at the moment and these range from cookery style shows where you can watch a chef creating a whole host of dishes that you then try to recreate, with varying degrees of success, at home later on right through to contest style shows. The reason why some of the dishes that you try to replicate don’t look the same as they did on the television is due to the equipment that the professionals have access to such as Lincat SLR6 Silverlink 600 ovens that you can see at

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The types of baking contest show that you can watch include:

The Great British Bake Off

This show sees some of the best in amateur bakers competing against each other to be crowned the Great British Baker for that given year. During each episode the contestants are required to bake an item that they may have had chance to practice before hand, a technical bake that they have no idea what it will and then their signature back which is a creation of their choosing linked to whatever week it happens to be – like bread week, French week etc.

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In order to become a contestant on the show you have to confirm that you are not a professional baker or currently working as a chef (if you are you can take part in the spin off show The Great British Bake Off : The Professionals).  To get your entry underway you have to complete an application form that is around seven pages long and asks for information on your most success bakes and any failures that you have had. If you are lucky enough to have your application form selected, you will then take part in a telephone interview that will last for around 45 minutes. Following on from this you are asked to create two baked treats that you need to take to the offices in London alongside having an interview with the show producer and a screen test. Even after all of this you are still not in the show. Once you have completed all these tasks you are then asked to complete a technical challenge set by the judges and complete this in front of the camera. This is the last formal stage in your interview and all that is left to happen is for you to have an assessment and interview by the shows psychologist to check that you are able to cope with the pressures of filming and baking at the same time.