Perfectly packing your parcel for delivery

There comes a time in all our lives when we need to send a parcel through the post. There is a certain knack to doing it right to make sure that the contents don’t end up strewn around the floor of the post office with a load of postal workers looking forlorn and sheepish at it. It’s not their fault to some degree as it does sort of fall down to us to make sure the thing is ok before we go. Even if you use a Same day courier Slough based company like you still need to have a degree of packing skill as they won’t do it for you. Let’s have a look at some hints and tips.

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1. Make sure the package itself can be sent by post. If the material inside contravene the law in some way, then don’t bother. If its highly likely that the items are breakable, then you’re going to have to ensure that the items inside are fully protected.

2. Wrap the item in something that will absorb shock. The best thing for this is a good bit of bubble wrap. It isn’t just a therapeutic thing to pop. It’s easy to get hold off and can be used and wrapped around pretty much anything.

3. Once the item is covered in Bubble wrap its time to place it in a sturdy box. As ever cardboard is the best thing to use and rather than buy one its and idea to get a packaging one from the supermarket. Leave a bit of space because there is a very good reason. If you have too tight a box, the impact will be felt through the box more readily. If you leave some space, you just need to add some packaging chips. These are a little bit like a tasteless Wotsits and they are absolutely brilliant at taking out the energy out of a dropped package.

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4. Once the packaging chips are flowing over the top of the box you then need to close down the lids and stick it down with some strong packaging tape. Once the lid is sealed you then to do the finally test to determine if the packaging is sealed properly. You just need to give it a vigorous(ish) shake and then listen out for the box rattling around inside. If it doesn’t then you’ve got yourself a winner and the package should not break.

Just make sure that you have the right amount of postage and then it is good to go.