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Pastor Oyakhilome Sends Message To Nigerian Comedians

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the world renowned preacher, pastor, and evangelist from Nigeria, has issued a stern warning to the comedians of Nigeria. It seems that the Nigerian based comedians have been using preachers such as Pastor Chris in their comic sketches and routines. Pastor Oyakhilome on the other hand says that using preachers for comic material is very ungodly and has issued a message of caution when it comes to using men of God as comic material.

Oyakhilome recently spoke to his congregation about the Nigerian comics and said the message that he was giving about the comics was not from him but from the Almighty God. Oyakhilome said the message he was giving was inspired by the Word of God and gave a stern warning to the comics when it came to using the men of God in their comic routines. Oyakhilome says those that choose to use men of God in their comic routines will eventually have to stand up and answer and will have to suffer the consequences.

‘For those of you who are the comedians, I suggest that you try all that you can in order to not make fun of the pastors in your communities. The reason for this is that in end you are going to see some of these comedians who lives should be a comedy all in themselves. This is what the Lord has said and thus I have been instructed to tell it to you. The lot of them who choose to use the men of God in their comic routines will certainly see that their lives will be reduced. What this means is this. You are going to see them and then you are going to ask ‘Is This You?’. Pastors occupy a very secret and sacred place on this earth. Comedians should and must know what to joke with and what not to joke with. Men of God are not something to be joked with’ stated Oyakhilome.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome went on to say further that if God was intent on destroying a man of God or of any and all men on the Earth that he would send a prophet to do just that. The pastor went on to say that there are plenty of things and people to joke about but men of God are not one of them. Pastor Chris believes that if a man is called by God to preach and spread his word, he certainly should not be ridiculed or made fun of.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the Lagos, Nigeria based pastor who is the president and head of Believers Loveworld International which is also more commonly known as the Christ Embassy Church. Pastor Oyakhilome is known for his various Christian based television programs and stations such as LoveWorld TV, LoveWorld Plus, and LoveWorld SAT. He is also a prolific writer and has publications and works that have been published all throughout the world. Pastor Oyakhilome is known for his faith healing conferences as well and they have been staged all throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria.

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