Jio and Indian Telecom Industry

Undoubtedly, Jio has brought millions of smiles on a legion of mobile users unearthing freebies and unparalleled data offers. Jio has successfully covered almost 43 percent of the mobile broadband subscriber market introducing the outstanding data plans with good speed. It is giving a tough competition to other incumbent telecom operators. According to the reports, Jio is having customers over 1.2 billion GB of data a month and 80 percent of all the data consumed all across the country.

Tough Competition Among Prominent Telecom Companies –

Jio’s entry has truly led towards the consolidation in the Indian Telecom Industry of the prominent companies. The prominent telecom players are merely surviving while other is on the verge of consolidation with prominent names of the industry. And it indicates that how Jio is good at giving tough competition to the prominent companies. Whether it is about the ratio of sales or profit, both have slumped year on year because of Jio launch. Needless to say, those prominent names in the telecom sector are facing the heat after Jio’s ferocious entry. Within a short span of time, it has completely changed the entire equation. Consumers always prefer to be the side of the mobile company that can impart the best of telecom services at dirt cheap prices and Jio gets successful in this context.

Jio and Modern India

It can be said that Jio is the prime reason for the death of 3G. Since 4G is being talked about everywhere because of Jio. There are many operators still stick to 3G speed and also trying their best to upgrading to 4G. Customers are less interested towards 3G speeds when they can have best 4G speed saying yes to Jio. Saying would not wrong that Jio has complete made 3G network being left behind. To put in simple words, all smartphones available in the market are 4G compatible. Saying would not wrong that Jio has brought a great competition. Making Jio recharge is easy to do and with this, more people are online now. They do not have to worry what if data packs starts running out of balance. They know that can use a wide chunk of 4G data to accomplish all their online tasks easily since Jio introduces the best speed data packs at the reasonable prices.

These days, most people prefer online recharge sites such as Paytm, FreeCharge, MobikWik etc., to get their recharge done online. Moreover, they are paying their paying their rent, electricity bills, water bills, DTH recharge and so on that too online. All this has become possible because of Jio 4G data packs available at reasonable cost.

Go With Online Recharge Websites –

Though Jio has brought a great change, online recharge websites add a glam to the entire story. Now, Jio users do not rush to shop to get their recharge done. They can simply visit the online recharge sites and choose the best packs. All latest Jio recharge packs of the internet, voice call, messages etc., are available along with best prices. Moreover, you can also win offers and discount.