If you’re thinking about being the only one who uses the Bong

If you have the certainty that you will keep it safe, you can buy a very nice and delicate glass Bong from online headshop in Canada. Although these can be expensive, the cooling, their aesthetics and the genital high, taking advantage of all the THC make it worthwhile to spend extra money. Generally, technical parts mean glass, accessories, diffusers, ice collectors and ash collectors. Anyway, if you are not going to be so careful, do not be discouraged. Many glass bongs are quite resistant and ideal for casual use every day or with friends. The sturdy glass is generally of suitable thickness, although the quality of it also influences.

Other types of bongs: cheaper offers the less

The ceramic bongs tend to be smaller than the glass bongs since the material is more substantial. However, they still provide a very pure tasting. These can also come in many combinations of colours and designs because anything in the mind of an artist can be painted on a ceramic surface. Ceramic bong chambers are also known to come in a wide variety of mushroom shapes, rising moons, gnomes, etc. Due to their way, these water pipes can be very difficult to clean. If the use is irregular or little frequent, then you can go for these items, but the glass smoking pipes are the best choice to have a good quality of smoking.

The bongs plastic or acrylics are typically translucent water pipes so that the user can see inside the water pipe. The apparent disadvantages for plastic bongs are that they are not glass and the possibility of diluting the taste of good grass. Apart from that, plastic bongs can be a good investment. Maybe you’re short on money, and maybe you only need a second unit to transport with you on road trips to festivals, perhaps you’re thinking of camping on the lake and do not want to carry your delicate pieces of glass, these are just some of the big reasons to buy a plastic bong.

Conclusion: How to decide for the first time?

You have to decide if you are going to be the only person who uses the bong or if it is going to be in the hands of others as well. Merely have the bong on the table in the bedroom or in the backyard, to have higher chances of getting kicked or completely fractured as well as hiding it in odd places like the top shelf of the clothes dryer or hiding underneath. Even keep the bong in your bed can also be very dangerous in a mistake. You can get the full range of smoking pipes in here,