How to Protect Yourself from Online International Lottery Scammers?

Every day, millions of people search for various means to earn money quickly. Most of them try learning games like online lottery. A lot of players buy lottery tickets online and wait for the draw day to win the lottery. While most of them use an authentic lottery platform to announce the winner, there are a few platforms that deceive the customers by scamming them. The scammers send fraud emails to fetch user’s account details and then try to hack their account to extract money illegally.

These people are infamously known as lottery scammers who play very clever tricks to deceive the lottery players. Emails are their main target for capturing the player’s account information. Most of these lottery scammers send out emails that look authentic, asking for personal bank details and other confidential information. Once you send your details to the mail address received from them, your bank account may get hacked.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to protect yourself from the lottery scammers.

•    Beware of Fake Jackpot Announcements– Firstly, no lottery company sends you a mail without even playing the lottery. In case you have not participated in any online lottery, make sure to delete the mail right away.

•    Check for Typos in the Mail– Executives from lottery companies do not shoot a mail in unprofessional English. So, try checking for the typos in the text before replying to the mail.

•    Avoid Foreign Lotteries That Claim Huge Jackpot Prize– According to the federal laws, legitimate foreign lotteries cannot be played via phone or mail. In case you come across any such fraud call or email, you can direct the case to the cybercrime department.

•    Read the Terms & Conditions– Go through the terms and conditions of the lottery (usually mentioned on the lottery websites) and check how they declare the winners. Legitimate lottery sites never ask for money in advance if you have won the lottery. They will send an official mail and then confirm through call.

•    Check If the Company Exists– Check if the name of the lottery company is listed out online. Most of the lottery scammers use fake organization names to get your personal bank information. If you can Google smart, you can easily know if the organization exists or not.

•  Try Western Union for Money Transaction – Western Union is one of the best ways to transfer money online. In case someone tries to dupe you through Western Union money transfer, immediately call the western union fraud cell at 800-448-1492. They try to block the access and make sure that the money in the account does not get transferred to the fraud’s bank account. In most of the cases, you may receive a refund within a week’s time.

Sites like Lottoland do not ask for your personal bank information for making the payments. Lottoland is one of the biggest online lottery platforms, which has its presence internationally. Indians can start playing lottery online by registering with the Lottoland website (it is going to launch in India soon). If you win the megamillions, get ready to pay the taxes both for the company as well as the Indian Central Government.

These are some of the tips to protect yourself from being scammed by the lottery scammers online. Also, make sure to play lottery online through legitimate sites as they encourage to you try online lotteries in an authentic way. Sites like Lottoland have set up a proper system in place to guide the online lottery players – right from lottery ticket purchase to declaring the winners. Follow some strategy while buying lottery tickets to improve your chances of winning online.

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