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How Pregnancy Affects Your Health?

Pregnancy is said to be one of the beautiful phases of life. It is the time when a woman protects a new life for about 9 to 10 months and then brings out to the world. It is nothing but a magical phenomena that a women experiences. However, the phase is difficult in a lot of ways. A soon-to-be-going mother has to go through a lot of physical and mental changes that brings about a huge impact on the overall health. From mood swings to nausea, increased weight to stretch marks, and the list goes on and on. Nevertheless, when taken care of in a proper way then one can manage those changes and become the old new after the delivery.

Changes in body during pregnancy

Let us check out the transformations a woman goes through from the time she gets pregnant.

  • Weight: Of course! When a woman is carrying a new life then the weight definitely increases. However, it is also said that a woman weights more after the delivery than during the pregnancy stage. However, when following right diet and right exercises as suggested by the dieticians and experts, one can gradually get back to the normal form.
  • Skin: The expecting mothers for sure get a flow on their faces. That’s because of high estrogenic levels that in turn boost the blood circulation throughout the body. Besides this, it is common to get stretch marks around breasts and abdomen area. There is although no need to worry as the marks will fade away with time. In addition to this, some of the areas get darker such as upper lip or cheek. This also fades after the delivery.
  • Hair: Some of the women, during pregnancy, face adverse changes in their hair. For instance, hair may become frizzier, thinner, wavier, and coarser. There is however no need to panic. Some may experience too much hair fall as well. Just make sure to eat healthy during and after the pregnancy time so that the nutrition reaches the hair and scalp.
  • Brain: Yes, pregnancy may bring in affects on the brain as well. Mood swings, becoming fussy, becoming forgetful, lack of sleep, and feeling discomfort are some of the affects that can be commonly experienced. As it is completely new, these things are common so one should not panic. It is always better to maintain a routine and follow it so that the mind is free, calm, and composed.
  • Thyroid: Usually, about 5 to 10% of the ladies get underactive thyroid or overactive thyroid after they deliver. For some, it is temporary while for others it is permanent. In case the condition prevails for a longer time than expected, it is better you visit your doctor and seek some advice. Some of the symptoms include depression, difficulty in concentration, lethargy, and tiredness as well.
  • Bones: This is a common problem that a lot of women face while they are pregnant and after delivery as well. Hence, it is essential that women consume calcium-rich food such as broccoli, milk, and even yogurt. These foods can help in strengthening the bones and keep you healthy for a longer time. It is always recommended that you get help from your nutritionist while you are pregnant and even while nursing.
  • Breasts: A lot of women do not like this to happen, but it does happen. The skin around the breast area shrinks due to pregnancy. And when breast feeding, the sagging continues. When they shrink, the breasts become smaller, floppier, and softer than it is normally.
  • Hips: Well, hips become fatter during pregnancy as it is the place where lactation supporting fat is stored. Also, the weight helps in support for the baby. There are no major problems associated with this because after delivery, a woman can lose the extra weight with regular workout and routine diet.

So the above mentioned were only few of the physical and mental changes explained that are experienced by a woman when she is pregnant. Most of the women leave taking care of themselves after they deliver the baby. Such ignorance makes their health weaker with time. Therefore, it is really important that women take special care of themselves in terms of nutrition and exercises so that they are not only healthy but also fit and fine.

Always stay connected with your doctor and let them know any minor and major changes you have been experiencing. They will know whether the changes are common or not. If not, they will help you with the further treatments so that you are back to normal. Never take any physical changes too lightly as sometimes ignorance can lead to worse situations in life. Take care of yourself and your baby.