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China’s Singles Day Puts Black Friday into the Shade

With the success of famous Christmas Shopping Sale Days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is hard to believe that another day could be even more successful. However, on November the 11th in China, “Singles Day” brings in more sales than Black Friday and Cyber Monday put together!

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How Did It Start?

Singles Day started when Alibaba decided to create an annual shopping event in an attempt to boost their sales. The significance of the date can be traced back to 1993, when a group of students in China decided to buy themselves presents to celebrate being single – an anti-Valentine’s Day. November 11th was chosen, as the number one represents being alone and the 11 is a collection of lonely ones. Despite this, couples have started using the date to celebrate love, with more and more marriages being celebrated on that date.

Last year, sales of over 25 billion dollars were made, and that was in just 24 hours. When you consider that Cyber Monday brought in only 6.59 billion dollars, and Black Friday even less at 5 billion dollars, Singles Day’s figures are staggering.

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According to The Guardian, Singles Day is now four times bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

How Did It Get So Big?

Since then, other retailers have decided to get in on the action, with rival companies such as bringing in their own massive sales figures of around 19 billion dollars in a period of time around Singles Day. Even Amazon is now joining in, hitting Singapore residents with a mail shot promoting their event, with their same day courier service making sales even more popular.

Singles Day needs an army of postal workers to pack parcels and deliver millions of orders, with companies often using same day courier services such as In 2017, Alibaba’s website dealt with 256,000 sales transactions every second, with more than 775 million parcels being shipped in 24 hours.

Singles Day is now so famous that Alibaba has started to hold special events counting down to the big day, such as fashion shows and product showcases that are shown on Chinese television and across worldwide social media accounts. Even celebrities are getting involved, with big names such as Pharrell Williams counting down live to the opening of the event in November.